And then there were three...Constances, that is.

  1. Introducing the latest member of my H collection, Black Constance 24 with rose gold hardware. Here she is with her two sisters, Rose Tyrien with palladium hardware and Gold with gold hardware. The Constance is sheer perfection for me from size to weight to interior capacity to drop length. I am reeling with excitement!
  2. Wow! What a beautiful trio!
  3. Congratulations! Perfect collection, I love the colors and variety of hardware. Enjoy!
  4. Stunning collection!!
  5. Beautiful!:heart:
  6. Thank you! I love them all for different reasons and occasions.
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  7. A big thank you for noticing! Deciding which bag to add to my collection next involves lots of strategy...what style, what size, what color, what hardware, etc. Meanwhile, my husband is in the the background chuckling.
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  8. Thank you so much! I can't believe I ignored the Constance for so long. She is perfection.
  9. Beauties!
  10. Much appreciated! I am smitten.
  11. Love you collection. Congrats!
  12. Perfect set!
  13. What a perfect C family! Love the colors and the hardware combinations!
  14. Gorgeous trio :love::love::love: Your latest addition is perfect M :heart:
  15. What beauties!!! You are super lucky. :heart::heart::heart: