And then there were three...Constances, that is.

  1. The Perfect Trio!!! i love the colors of each and that they all have different hardware! So chic! CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. Wow! Beautiful trio! Congratulations
  3. They are absolutely stunning!
  4. Lovely sisters or maybe the 3 musketeers ? So beautiful - enjoy them
  5. Just perfection, great combination of colors. Enjoy!
  6. Congrats. I feel like I just met the trinity all in one photo shoot :heart:
  7. AMAZING Constance trio! Enjoy,
  8. Thank you, ladies! I knew you would get me. :biggrin:
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  9. Gorgeous collection and congrats on your newest addition.
  10. Congrats,

    I recently got a black 24 Epsom RGH. Very happy.
    And yes, same here, especially the strap luckily just like it was made for me, so perfect, as I don't find many bags that have a strap length that work for me, but this one.
    Love all your C.
  11. That's a good collection, congrats! I love my Constances too, perfect design for me.
  12. Magnificent Constance collection:heart:
  13. Beautiful collection!
  14. Congratulations, bag twin! I hope you enjoy your new Constance as much as I plan to enjoy mine. Guess who found THE perfect CDC to match our bag yesterday? :yahoo: The saga continues...
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  15. Beautiful!