And then there were three...Constances, that is.

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  1. Stunning collection. I hope I get offered a C soon.
  2. Fantastic addition to your Constance family! I love the Rose Gold Hardware!
  3. Either you have an intimate collection of bags, or your husband's a keeper for chuckling! Or both. My family would give me the look of death, if they ever see my stuff together lol
  4. Beautiful trio!! :nuts: You have a lovely variety of colors and hardware!!
  5. What a perfect trio, congratulations! I love how you choose the perfect neutrals plus one pop of color. Very wisely chosen IMHO.
    I am just starting my H collection, but am very attracted to the Constance as well. Would you mind describing how the C24 fits? Since there is never any floor model at my local H, I am unsure if it would not be too small for my daily essentials. I need space for a keys, a wallet (a bit smaller than the standard continental size) and a pair of sunnies or reading glasses. Your opinion would be highly appreciated.

  6. LOVE your trio!! So great you have found the bag that works for you in such fabulous colors... and the hardware matches each color really well!
  7. Wow beautiful trio, perfect colors !!