All Things PEEKABOO - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

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  1. Like me !!! Or a beautiful Fuchsia/ purple
  2. Does anyone know whether a Fendi SA or SM is able to look up a serial number or check the RFID number on their system to authenticate a bag.?
    I'm so tempted to ring the boutique but I'm a bit nervous they're going to laugh at me! It's a bit of a cheeky request!
  3. GORGEOUS!! Congrats!!
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  4. Congrats on your first purchase ~ how exciting! I think you should get whichever makes your heart sing :smile: I always wear my peekaboo (selleria) with the front unclasped because I love the contrasting lining showing. Best of luck
  5. Question about my new mini selleria with python handle. Should I have received CITES documentation? I asked the SA, and she asked which countries I would be traveling to. Other comments I've read here led me to believe that it's something that you automatically get with an exotic leather product. Please help!
  6. I recently bought this peekaboo in ginza 6. I am in love but I'm normally a black tote kind of girl so this is forcing some adjustments to my everyday carry. IMG_20181205_123556310.jpg
  7. Congratulations it’s gorgeous and I sure would make any adjustments to carry it :lol: :love:

    Is it blue or grey?
  8. I am honestly not sure ... depending on the light it could go either way. I spent way too much time thinking about that question and ultimately concluded that it doesn't matter.
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  9. Lovely bag!
    What is the exact color? Is it from a recent collection?
  10. The tags that came with it call the colour "Tempest". I got it in Japan literally last week ... so I assume its recent.
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  11. It's a nice color.
    Enjoy ur new bag...
  12. I think you should go for the one with eyes.. that’s the one you had been waiting for and I think that if you get the other one you won’t be completely happy. If you want to go for a cheaper option the mini black with eyes is really cute!!!
  13. Hi all, I got my bag in a python leather and realize that my leather care cards written Nappa leather. Does it make any difference and should I ask my SA for it ?
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    I just receive my large peekaboo with python leather inside.It was preowned but bag has no signs of use.It really looks brand new.
    Can someone tell me from which ear is this bag?
    I wonder how long will take for the bag to soften up as right now there is no peek at all even I leave it open.
    Any advise how to take care of the python leather inside so the scales dose not lift in future?

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  15. Love, love, love this bag. It is on my wish list for 2019, but so difficult to find. It looks stunning with both straps :smile: