All Things PEEKABOO - post pics, ask questions and chat here!

  1. Like me !!! Or a beautiful Fuchsia/ purple
  2. Does anyone know whether a Fendi SA or SM is able to look up a serial number or check the RFID number on their system to authenticate a bag.?
    I'm so tempted to ring the boutique but I'm a bit nervous they're going to laugh at me! It's a bit of a cheeky request!
  3. GORGEOUS!! Congrats!!
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  4. Congrats on your first purchase ~ how exciting! I think you should get whichever makes your heart sing :smile: I always wear my peekaboo (selleria) with the front unclasped because I love the contrasting lining showing. Best of luck
  5. Question about my new mini selleria with python handle. Should I have received CITES documentation? I asked the SA, and she asked which countries I would be traveling to. Other comments I've read here led me to believe that it's something that you automatically get with an exotic leather product. Please help!
  6. I recently bought this peekaboo in ginza 6. I am in love but I'm normally a black tote kind of girl so this is forcing some adjustments to my everyday carry. IMG_20181205_123556310.jpg
  7. Congratulations it’s gorgeous and I sure would make any adjustments to carry it :lol: :love:

    Is it blue or grey?
  8. I am honestly not sure ... depending on the light it could go either way. I spent way too much time thinking about that question and ultimately concluded that it doesn't matter.
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  9. Lovely bag!
    What is the exact color? Is it from a recent collection?
  10. The tags that came with it call the colour "Tempest". I got it in Japan literally last week ... so I assume its recent.
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  11. It's a nice color.
    Enjoy ur new bag...
  12. I think you should go for the one with eyes.. that’s the one you had been waiting for and I think that if you get the other one you won’t be completely happy. If you want to go for a cheaper option the mini black with eyes is really cute!!!
  13. Hi all, I got my bag in a python leather and realize that my leather care cards written Nappa leather. Does it make any difference and should I ask my SA for it ?