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  1. Thanks for your input!
    @Incalifornia7 I totally agree, the black is more formal. Thank you!
    @Latte_Queen Congrats!! Do you find you still have occasion to use your mini anymore? I fear my mini may go unused if I get the Essentially. Love to see a pic of both!
    @tarheelap I’m trying to be responsible and frugal too! But it is so hard! Congrats on your purchases!
    @OneMoreDay I also totally agree, the Essentially is so sharp and polished. Thanks for confirming my thoughts - my mini can be for casual use whereas the Essentially can be used more formally.

    @Addicted to bags Yours looks amazing! Do you have occasion to use your mini at all, since you have both also?
  2. I haven't used my mini lately but that's because I own too many bags, lol. I barely used the Essential (I think only that day I took the picture). But I still love my mini and it will get back in rotation. To me, the 2 bags don't look similar at all.
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  3. A Nice Bag...
    Enjoy it..
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    Hi Fendi forum! I am going to purchase my first Fendi bag soon for Christmas. I have had my eye on the Peekaboo for several years now, and I know that I want black regular size with gold hardware. I mostly have been waiting because I love the Peekaboos with bag bug eyes, and I was waiting until there was one with an eye color that I liked. But, earlier this year, I decided that I was tired of waiting, and I love the bag design so much that I want to just get it, even without the eyes. So I was all set to get this one, until I saw this new release with the bag bug eyes, which I LOVE. But after going into the store to check them out, I’m no longer sure it’s worth it to spend the extra $1000 on it, as I realized that it is not necessarily practical to wear it with the front open (esp in NYC), nor am I sure it will drop enough to really show the eyes. So my questions for Peekaboo owners are: do you ever, and would you ever, wear your bag with the front unclasped? Also, does the front slouch down quite easily, or you have to wait for the leather to soften? And, in your opinion, do you think it is worth it to spend the $1000 on the bag with the eyes, which I have wanted for years, or should I get the one without the eyes, which I still adore and would wear all the time, and spend the $1000 on a different present for myself (lol)? Thank you all! :heart: 8BN2903ZNF0KUR_01_xlarge.jpeg 8BN290A5P9F0KUR_01_xlarge.jpeg
  5. I don’t have a regular size peekaboo, so I can’t answer your clasping/slouching questions, but if it were me, I’d get the one without eyes and use the extra $1k for a matching Strap You!!
  6. Here are a few photos of my dark gray mini and my black essentially bags. I love both and use both! IMG_5394.PNG IMG_5395.PNG IMG_5398.PNG IMG_E5397.JPG
  7. I’d definitely choose the one without the “ eyes” as I think it’s more chic, Sophia and timeless. You could get a strap, wrap the handle, or wear it as is. It’s a combination that’s classy and will always be so.
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  9. IMG_2537.JPG
    Left is the mini peekaboo.
    Right is the new XS peekaboo. The star studs are only on one side.
  10. Is the smooth leather different for the Essential bags versus the original Peekaboos? I'm wondering how it'll age in comparison because one of the things that's stopped me from pulling the trigger on a Peekaboo in smooth leather was how beat up and worn the bags always look after a while.
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  11. My Essential bag has smooth black calfskin leather, the same as the regular original Peekaboo. I find it to be very durable and have used it everyday for a little over a month. There is not a single scratch on it. In my opinion, much more durable than the lambskin version. Grant it, I don’t throw it on the floor of my car! My mini Peekaboo also has calfskin leather. Both have feet on the bottom, which is a huge bonus. Hope I have helped a little. This is exactly why I love this forum.
  12. The Essential bag is a smooth calfskin. A lot of the peekaboos (not all) are made of nappa leather which IMO is not as good as the calfskin. When you're at the store just try to avoid the nappa leather. While it is very soft to the touch, I don't think it holds up as well.
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  13. Thanks for the input! :smile: I'm looking at smaller sizes so I suppose that helps the structure a bit, although the regular Essential is quite stunning. It probably also helps that I don't tend to overfill my bags with heavy things. I'm curious how the X-Lite will fare in this regard. :amuse:
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  14. Pictures of Peekaboos from the Resort 19 collection.
    fendi - BqSZmf7FW2f.jpg fendi - BqIn2wlF8K7.jpg fendi - BqKlx9Ilm3z.jpg fendi - BqPqdiKldgC.jpg