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  1. Hello do all peekaboo's have a hologram sticker?
  2. FDD3B116-6AD1-47F2-9FA6-A1E1FA62DB56.jpeg
    Here’s my new dove gray selleria mini peekaboo. I love it! ❤️
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  3. So beautiful....
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  4. This is gorgeous :love: I have the exact same in nappa :ghi5:
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  5. Hi guys,
    I’m currently in conversation with a seller of a black regular peekaboo on eBay and he has said Fendi don’t have boxes, is this true?
  6. No. If you buy from the Fendi boutique the Peekaboo will be presented to you in the usual yellow Fendi box. If you buy a Fendi bag from a department store - in my experience, at least - it's very rare to get a box, though.
  7. Thank you for your speedy reply, I appreciate it. Yes that makes sense I'll ask which store he bought it from.
    I'm so wary of peekaboos on eBay, there seems to be so many fakes and I'm no authenticator by any means!
    Thanks for the info :smile:
  8. Sorry I forgot to ask in my last post, do all regular peekaboos purchased in 2018 have a serial number?
    And do they come with some kind of authenticity card?
    Sorry for my ignorance, I've been lusting after a peekaboo for years, but I've never really thought about what they come with when you buy one.
  9. My mini selleria peekaboo, purchased in the Las Vegas boutique last month, came with the following: yellow box, dust bag, serial number stamped on metal plate inside bag, 2 leather description/care cards in multiple languages, price tag in English, price tag (for lack of a better term) in Italian, card describing RFID, full page printed receipt, small credit card receipt tape, business card from sales associate.

    Surprisingly, I looked in the box with my new defender and don’t see any tags or paperwork paperwork with it.
  10. And a plastic rain cover
  11. .
  12. Hello! Does anyone have the new xs peekaboo yet? :smile:
  13. hi all,

    I am wondering a regular peekaboo with a serial number 8BN290 3ZN 169 8241,
    Can anyone tell me in which year was this one being produced?

    Many thanks.
  14. Thats brilliant thank you. I wasn't aware of all of the paperwork etc that comes along with peekaboos. It's really good to know that info. I'm going to ask the seller for the serial number which I now know are stamped onto a leather tab on the regular peekaboo, and the matching number on the card.

    I would get the bag authenticated on here, but the seller keeps sending me photos that aren't good enough, so I'm doing some sleuthing of my own!

    Congratulations on your new peekaboo btw. What a stunning colour :loveeyes:
  15. I'm in love with Peekaboo Essential. It is the perfect sized bag for me and so versatile as well! Does anybody know if Fendi will be coming up with more colors for the new season? I'd love to get my hands on one in pink/nude!
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