Alexander Wang bag CARE and MAINTENANCE

  1. cool thanks for the suggestions! :woohoo:

  2. Wow, that's really bad, I luckily haven't had that problem.. yet, i'll have to be extra careful and rotate my bags around more.. hope you can get it fixed!!
  3. i hope so too! I really LOVE LOVE my AW bag!! The love it so deep that I can feel it in my lungs :love:
  4. See! This is what I heard and was worried about!!
    It's so embarrassing when carrying it because people could think that it's fake!! Ugh. I swear the quality went down though. My baby Grey Rocco had such thick leather.
  5. Hmmm...this does worry me. I wonder how AW will address this? I am guessing they are just going to brush it off as normal wear and tear. I suppose getting the Black Rocco's repaired will be easier than those of color. I dunno, is it ultimately inevitable with these fragile leathers?
  6. cinnabun + ms.shopchic: do you have the newer bags with the straps? I heard it's only common with the recent bags... I carried mine for the first time today and was worried sick about the edging and had to check every so often to see if they were getting worn out. I don't want a bag that I have to baby!
  7. Wow, that's disappointing. I was considering a Lia but now I'm rethinking it.

    I'm new to this sub-forum, is this common with AW bags? TIA :biggrin:
  8. Goodness, never seen anything like that before. I hope it can be resolved favourably!
  9. yes it is the newer one with the strap... sigh :shucks:
  10. that happened to the piping on my diego a few months after i got it. i had contacted AW and spoke to 3 different people and got e-mails from them and they said i could send it in but it would take quite a while to fix it. i ended up sending it through Holt Renfrew and they weren't able to fix it, so i got a store credit instead.

    NOW...i have one of the newer baby rocco's and i can see the piping on this one slowly starting to rub. :sad: so upsetting.
  11. sigh, I think I will try to fix it myself by sewing something on top of it. It seems too much of a hassle and a lot more money spending just to fix the edge. I'll keep you ladies posted how my self repair goes. :balloon:
  12. a Barneys SA asked me if i had a problem with my rocco ( first season).
    i told her no and she said there is a major problem with piping on newer bags.
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    Yeah, it's the newer bags... x I don't think it's all new bags though because I've seen some people who've been using their bags daily and nothing's happened.
  14. Omg, my black Rocco looks just like OP's pictures and I'm *devastated*. I have a large bag collection and have used Rocco only on about 10 occasions in total since I bought it in Dec 2010 (I rotate often).

    I am going to take it to Selfridges - I think it's absolutely awful quality, and certainly not what you expect for a £795 bag. I just hope they can either repair it or give me store credit.

    Unfort this issue has put me off any other AWs :crybaby:
  15. That's awful LMB! I hope they return/exchange it for you and I'm so sorry you had this happen. It's weird, it almost reminds me of what happens to Bal's corners but faster.