Alexander Wang bag CARE and MAINTENANCE

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I am wondering what many of you use on your AW bags for conditioning or even rain/stain..I recently got a luggage rocco duffle and really love it (surprisingly the color is more appealing than I would have thought and also my first brown bag :biggrin:) but am afraid of getting it wet which might lead to stains..I normally use apple garde on all my bbags, would this work on the AW bags? I don't think I would need to condition it as the leather is just the way I like it but definitely need to protect it from weather wear or accidents :blush: Please share your thoughts TIA!! :smile:
  2. I've used Apple stain and rain guard on my black rocco w\out issue. It should be safe to use on luggage, but I don't know if it will protect it completely. I've read that luggage spots in the rain. It's just the nature of the leather.

  3. i'm actually afraid of denim color transfer from my clothes since the bag sits low on my waist...i have to get up enough nerves to spray it down now often do you spray yours down?
  4. My bag is pebbled black, so might be different. I sprayed it before using, and again after a few months. I've heard that the gray had color transfer issues. If this concerns you and you wear denim often, maybe you want to exchange for a darker color? I've learned (the hard way) it's sometimes not worth the worry and headache.
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  5. Anyone use a leather conditioner? I've got the forest Rocco and there awesome dry patches on it otherwise most of the leather is nice and supple. Any reccomendations?
  6. My diego got wet a few weeks ago, raindrops marks were visible for like two weeks or so... The marks were darker than the leather, I was afraid to use it since that since its rainy season here in Manila, but when I saw the water stains belnd in.. Nahhhh.. Just let it be.. Its a casual bag and the distressing can hide those flaws..w/ all my bags Im really scared to spray anything on it..I just try to enjoy them the best way I can, Im trying to relialize all bags get hurt when you take them out...Im really oc w/ my bags but Now Im trying to get mileage w/ each one of them
  7. Have used apple conditioner on my black and it works well. Make sure you use the conditioner and not the cleaner. Have read horror stories.
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  8. For Canadians... Danier Renewal Lotion works well. I don't have my darcy yet but it works on my Bals and any other leather bag I put it on. I also use the Danier defense spray for lighter bags.
  9. I used Loving My Bags pro treatment on my quilted luggage rocco and it looks great!
    I would say it enriched the warm caramel color.
    I'm very pleased with the results. :biggrin:
  10. It looks like Pro Treatment is now called Miracle Shield. Is this a cream that you apply with an applicator? I want to find something to apply to my luggage Darcy.

  11. I just noticed they changed the name.:shrugs: I have the pro-treatment and it is a cream. I used a soft towel and a blow dryer (label instructions). I first rubbed it into the towel then applied a light first coat, blow dried, then applied a second coat, blow dried.
  12. Thank you for the info. I think I will try this. :biggrin:
  13. has anyone used Collonil waterstop spray on their Rocco?

    (just bought some for my Mulberry and wondering if I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!)
  14. *bumping* to see if anyone has used collonil on their AW - I like kitx have some for my Mulberries and would be interested to hear if it works ok!
  15. Is the grey subject to denim transfer? I would guess so.

    Wondering how grey owners handle their bags.