Alexander Skarsgård

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  2. It's not an Alex thread without roman numerals. :sad:
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  3. Welcome, a_sussan!:smile:

    Bringing this over from the previous thread:

    Alex was interviewed by while promoting What Maisie Knew in Denmark this week.

    He had just come in from Iceland where he'd been "walking on the southern tip for a week" with a companion and "without the Internet and mobile phones."

    The Google translation of this article is very choppy (maybe Red can clean it up for us?) but here are some excerpts where he talks about family, friends and visiting Södermalm:


    (Source: via RocknrollaDK twitter, Photo credit: Simon Fals)

    Original tweet:
  4. How will we keep up with the Kardashian threads?!! WE ARE NOW AT 17!! ah the good old days of thread wars.

    Understood Swanky re TB, but given that's Alex's highest profile project, it's hard not to discuss at some length. But we'll keep Sookie out of it. :P

    welcome a_sussen! Another friend to translate for us!
  5. It's weird, but now it's The Alexander Skarsgard Thread. Does this mean it's the definitive AS thread? The only one we'll ever need?

    Choppy and funny.


    And another welcome to a-sussan. :welcome2:
  6. No, won't be the last/only thread :smile: we archive threads when we notice they reach 10k posts.
    Just like the Kim K thread, the news threads shouldn't be about the TV show.
    I can add Roman numerals, asking nicely is the best way to get what you want ;) (thank you for the PM nicely asking, you know who you are :biggrin:)
  7. hello a sussan

    I am having problem trying to get google to translate the whole interview - so I hope for a good translation here as it seems very interesting
  8. Thanks for the Roman numberals, Swanky.:smile:

    From twitter today (July 31, 2013):


    "Wonder who looked past the Electa today? Alexander Skarsgard, ohyes!"

    -lavrefanny @ twitter
  9. Oh, I know that, I'm just being snarky! :smile:

    For some reason the sign above his head amuses me.
  10. Welcome a_sussan, fellow swede :welcome2:

    I tried to clean up the danish article.
    It was long and since danish is not my first language it was a little difficult, but scandinavians
    can understand each other somehow (a little). :smile:

    I did not translate the whole article literally word by word. I hope this will do. :smile:

    Translation of the danish artikle. (

    Alex: We were of course in our house in the archipelago for a week, but after that I spent my time at Södermalm, Stockholm, where I grew up (lived) since I was 6 years old and where my large family and my childhoodfriends still live.
    Although many in my family are actors I also have my friends and they work in different fields,
    ex one is a carpenter, one works at a nursing home...
    They have known me for 30 years and they keep me grounded. It is "great fun" because it is totally separated from how my career works at the moment.
    I love Los Angeles but I have no childhoodmemories from there and that makes a difference. When I walk around Söder many memories evokes:
    Oh, yes, thats the place where my first love broke up with me and there is the place where I kissed for the first time ...
    (and for a moment he looks so romantic that you almost belive in the place where he kissed the first time).
    Alex: My father lives in the same neighborhood as he always did. He shops at the same small grocery shop, Alexander searches for the exact world without finding it (butchers shop). The same shop where you buy cheese and so on.
    He has his route in the neighborhood, his ritual. Most people knows he lives there, but
    there are many famous people who lives in Södermalm.
    This summer was the first time papa Skarsgård could sit at the head of the table as the patriarch for all of his impressive family. Six children with his first wife, two with the second wife. Alexander at 36 is the oldest, the youngest is 10 months old and Alex assures us that there is more going on than discussing acting when they meet, despite the fact that five of them share the same profession.
    Alex: "Of course we discuss what is important in our lives, ex film and theatre and of course I´m curious of my brother when he has been on location in Ireland for a half year filming and when another of them attended a film festival in Toronto for a movie.
    But even though we rarely have the opportunity to see each other, both my father and my brothers individually come to Los Angeles from time to time because of their jobs.

    My quote: Alex also talks about "method acting"

    Method acting kills
    Alex does not want to put a label on himself about the type of actor
    he is, but he says that he is not a method actor although he has played very different roles.
    Alex: "It comes frome in here," he tells me and pierces his fist into the abdomen. During the hand and under the bottom shirt button, I see a triangle with bare, brown belly jump up. "But it is not method , however much of it comes from within.

    My quote: The article describes Alex as a very intense actor but says it seems like his generation of male actors is growing out of "method-school" , described here as "the very special art of performance that was common in serious films and theatre arts from Marlon Brando and beyond".

    Need to breathe
    Alex: " Eight or nine years ago I played in this very dark and heavy play 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' on stage in Stockholm, seven times a week and two performances every Saturday, two three hours, imagine that! Interrupted by one cup of coffee. If I were a method actor and would end up turning my private self inside out every time I had died of it.
    "It is important to be able to cap for survival. The recording of 'Melancholia', which, after all, is about the planet's downfall was the funniest thing I've tried. We had a party every weekend, and there was laughter through. One can not survive long in this profession, if you can not get up and snap fresh air '

  11. thank you Topsy for your effort - very nice interview.
  12. *Walks in, looks @ new surroundings, realises how long its been since we moved house*

    Thanks for the translation Red :smile:
  13. Oh wow, look at this, you moved to a new thread!:coolio:

    This pic was taken in Kalmar. He is here to visit his family and I spuppose he'll spend some time on Öland.
    Oh, I said 'here' because I'm here too. My grandparents got a summer house on the Island and I'm here on vacation 'til WayOutWest :rochard:........well, at least I hope to stay that long unless a wearisome client needs special attention *sigh*
  14. Didn't Pam call Öland a "windy ****hole" on TB? And looking at the map, there's a locality just north of Kalmar called Mönsterå. One of these days I'll get back to Sweden and I'll visit, how can I resist a place with Monster in its name?

    Hopefully you'll have a wearisome client free vacation and WoW experience.
  15. I'll strongly suggest you go into Stealth mode and track down the elusive Skars Peen.
    The island is fairly small so a 194cm Viking can't hide that easily.
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