Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Our sexy Alex in Denmark. :P






  2. not surprised by these comments about the non TB future - he has seemed to me to be "leaving" this year. Perhaps a commitment to Tarzan would require him to leave TB and we do not know what else he has in the future. That he is taking such a nice long leisurely vacation this summer sure says "busy days" ahead to me.

    I'd see him in NYC more so than LA - lots of H Wood stars live there or the vicinity - he seems to like it there too and has friends in NYC. I went to NYU for grad school and lived - poor - in the Village for two years. But so were all my grad school friends and it was a very happy time - LOL - we would live on beans or pasta with butter sauce just so we could spend our money on tickets to Lincoln Center or the theater. Great memories - and so I can imagine it easily as an environment he would thrive in. Less paparazzi too.

    He does seem to be more revealing in his non-US interviews - feels safer perhaps.
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    Actor of desire

    By Louise Kidde Sauntved
    31 July 2013, 22:30

    The cult series 'True Blood' has made 36-year-old Alexander Skarsgard, eldest son of Stellan Skarsgard, the superstar in the United States. But the Swedish actress most passionate about small film with something to say - as 'What Maisie Knew', which has Danish theatrical release today.

    With its 194 cm and piercing blue eyes is Alexander Skarsgard is not a man anyone could just overlook. However, it is his - inherited presumably - acting talent, which in a few years has made Stellan Skarsgårds eldest son to a name both in and outside of Hollywood. He really broke through as the icy cold, but also complex vampire Eric Northman in HBO's cult series "True Blood," which is currently running at 6 season. Since then he has created a solid film career alongside work on the series. He has, among other things starred in Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia' and this year alone live in three films: Thrillerne 'The East' and 'Disconnect' and the cinema current independent films 'What Maisie Knew', which tells the story of a divorce from the child's point of view. Alexander Skarsgard plays the new stepfather, Lincoln, who is six years Maisies anchor in the storm.

    The film is a modern interpretation of a more than 100 year old novel by Henry James, translated into today's New York, and Alexander Skarsgard was attracted to the film at once eternal and very current portrait of how the children too often become trapped when Mom and Dad go to war against each other.

    "We live in a very individualistic society, where there is a strong focus on self-realization and me-me-me. It's not about that one does not love her children, but that they are so focused on their own thing and being angry with his ex-partner, the children are forgotten, and it's not pretty, "says Alexander Skarsgård, who However, only his parents' divorce to draw on when it comes to their own experiences.

    "And I think there had been a very boring movie out of," he says with a laugh. Parents, Stellan and My Skarsgård, divorced amicably when Alexander Skarsgard was 30 years.

    "They had been together for 35 years and it was about time that they came forward, and I knew both of them well. They are very good friends and I live a block from each other on Södermalm in Stockholm. Both mom and dad feel better now than last year, they were together. '

    Perhaps this seems Alexander Skarsgård is not 'What Maisie Knew' as an anti-divorce movie, but as a reminder to do it in a proper way.

    "If it does not work, they separated. I do not believe it stay together for the children's sake. There's nothing good out of growing up in a loveless home. '

    Even Alexander Skarsgård grew up in a large family with lots of love, noise and high ceilings.

    "I come from a bohemian artist family where there were always many people at home. Father did always food, so almost every day there was great dinners with 20 people on board. They drank wine, and there were all kinds of crazy hippies - creative, beautiful and interesting people. It was very unpretentious. I always wanted that the door should be open into my room, because I could hear when the adults sat there and talked and laughed and drank wine late into the night. I would be with. So I have it still. I thrive in social groups with many friends. "

    Alexander Skarsgard was early part of the creative world. He debuted at the age of seven in the movie "Åke och his värld 'and was at age 13 the big breakthrough with the TV movie" The dog as log'. Alexander Skarsgard did not, however, to be recognized on the street. He would just be an ordinary boy who could play football with friends in peace, so he said stop.

    To this day, he is deeply grateful to his parents tried to push him to continue.

    "During casting for 'What Maisie Knew' I met a lot of child actors whose parents put a large strain on them that they almost were not kids anymore. But my father just said, "I love my job, it's a great job, but it's also a tough job. You should listen to yourself, and if you feel that there is an alternative, do it instead. You only become an actor if you do not feel you have no choice. 'It was I glad. If I had continued, I was definitely burned out. "

    Instead, he felt again urge the age of 20 and first went to New York to go to drama school and then, ten years ago, to Los Angeles, where he got his big break in the HBO series "Generation Kill" and not least 'True Blood', which was such an overwhelming success that it has given him the financial freedom to be selective in his choice of film roles.

    '' True Blood 'has opened a lot of doors for me in the film world, and I am incredibly grateful for. It has also meant that I can afford to just go for projects I'm passionate about, small indie films like 'What Maisie Knew', which I do not earn much on. It's great privileged. '

    Next year's 'True Blood' However, a closed chapter, at least for Alexander Skarsgårds him - he is very reluctant to make an official announcement about the series. And it probably means a farewell to LA.

    "I do miss the spontaneity that was when I grew up in Södermalm, where I lived close to my friends and could just go down to the local bar without having to call anyone because I knew that my friends enough was there. In LA everything is far apart, so it will be a different lifestyle that is more planned and less spontaneous. I miss it just bumping into people - it does not happen in LA, where everyone just sitting in their cars. I just love to go around, maybe look into a shop or sit in a café. "

    Next stop will probably New York or Europe - but everything is open. "We have to see what happens," he says with a wary smile. It all depends on the projects being offered to him, and if he can burn for them.

    "I feel incredibly fun right now and am deeply grateful that I am one of the lucky ones who have work in this one industry. But it is also a creative job, and you have to feel the creativity, to feel that you burn every day upon waking. If there comes a day when I wake up and not feel the passion, I must continue. I will never be an actor if I did not think it's the best job in the world - so I find on something else! But right now I think it's great. '

  4. Welcome a_sussan :smile:

    Just pointing out quickly you've posted the translated article that Santress posted on the previous page. It was translated by peeps from The Askars Library.
  5. Opps, sorry! I thought this was from another newspaper. My bad, sorry!
  6. Good night! See you tomorrow I hope :smile:
  7. No worries ;)

    On another note, speculation is picking up again on Alex and the fate of Eric Northman, both this season and next.
  8. ^^that article and Kristen's interview didn't settle it down, certainly! Always possible he meets the true death this year (while he noted he was filming the finale, that could be misleading re the fate of his character) but it would be hard to imagine a whole Season 7 without him. That would be really b*llsy of the show runner.
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    I don't think he's going but certainly the interview and Kristen's have put a shadow of a doubt in my mind. It would indeed be a very brave move by HBO. (but what, they can't kill off the werewolf?)

    Note: I just want to see a show headed by Lafayette, where he wanders into random people's lives and sasses them out of their apathy. That's it. That's the whole show.

    Or a hairdressing show, where Arlene is the manager and has some twisted Steel Magnolia vibe going on. Or a maybe a Pam show, where she's the vamp equivalent of Tim Gunn.

    Yeah, I need another coffee :lol:
  10. His eyes in this pic, wow. Though I do want to rub moisturizer all over his face. :graucho:



    I think he'll still keep the house, but I can see him buying an apartment in NYC.

    I think with the non-US interviews it may be safer, and often they'll ask what he considers to be more interesting questions.

    Brave yes, and perhaps other adjectives as well!

    I'd watch all of those shows.And I think the books had a vamp equivilant of What Not To Wear, it was playing in the background at the opening of one of the chapters.
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    Thanks, Red, for the translation.:smile:

    Stealth shot of Alex at a concert in Sweden tonight (August 1, 2013):


    "Celebrity Spotting in the audience in front of Håkan Hellström; blah Alex Skarsgård and Cecilia Fors. Indeed! :smile: # True blood # hunk # little starstruck."

    -miss_skog @
  12. Pure speculation now - I take it as a sure thing he is doing Tarzan due to Jerry Weintraub's comment - which also said they start shooting in May. Now - May definitely clashes with the TB schedule - I know some would say he could shoot TB around the Tarzan schedule but given that Tarzan is a very big deal and is probably not shooting in LA - I'd think the schedule might be too tight - particularly since he is the lead. It is up to HBO wheither they would release him from his contract. And since ratings could dive if AS was not there anymore - one would think HBO would be reluctant to let him go. So - this could mean we'll see him in a very limited role come season 7 and then he leaves the show. Or it could men HBO is being nice and letting him go a year early and Eric has an ending in season 6. And we have to wait three more episodes to find out which it will be. ARRRRGGGHHH!

    Somehow in this interview he really does seem to be saying things - some of which are obviously not printed - about his future - and not a distant future - something he is thinking about now.

    Whenever Eric Northman does leave TB I hope they do not kill him off - let him go somewhere else - on a long journey or some such. I'll miss the Eric character - but I am really glad for AS. The show seems past its cutting edge days and there isn't much more AS can explore with the character. He is soon 37 - time for him to have that big chance at major roles in film. If Tarzan is a success - and all the ingredients are there for success - it opens the door for so many more projects for him. Plus it would also let him slow down a bit - have a personal life and maybe take those flying lessons. So sad for TB fans - great for AS fans.
  13. I love True Blood. Even when the writing wasn't quite up to scratch, but I think most observers know the show is getting to the end of it's run.

    I guess it's dependent both on Alex and his career offers (if his contract is indeed up and open for negotiation) or entirely in HBO's court and their vision for the future of the show.

    A show without the Sheriff wouldn't hold much appeal for me though.
  14. hmm the fandom over at tumblr are slightly panicking if Alex does die/leaves TB.

    If he does go at the end of this season I don't think i would be watching TB next season. I think HBO knows that if they get rid of Eric/Alex they will lose a lot of viewers and may have a mob of angry fans at their door step. Thats one reason why I think they wont kill of Eric.

    But if Alex want to leave to pursue more movies leaving TB would be good thing as he wont have to pass on projects due to TB filming. I read an article a while back that Alex was considered the role in Pacific Rim but due to TB he had to pass on it.

    ps welcome to all the newbies!!
  15. When I re-read the interviews about the tears at table reading about the actor that died, it was all the human characters who made those comments and that made sense when Terry bit the dust. GoT has set the bar for killing off major characters. I've read the books, so it's been no surprise to me, but TB isn't following the books, so they can do whatever they want. The Kristen/Alex interviews do give me pause, but I will do my ostrich imitation and hope it's just buzz and publicity to get people to watch the last three eps.

    :tup: Great analysis of what could/couldn't be.

    If they get rid of Eric it will be:

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