Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Hi a_sussan :welcome2:

    Santress, tku for posting the photo and article, and great fan pic. Alex looks mighty fine :P

    RedTopsy, tku so much for taking the time to translate that article. It was very kind of you :smile:

    Kayleigh I am so glad you are having a good time in Öland with your family and friends. Have fun at WayoutWest too :biggrin:


    Some sexy Skars :P

  2. And some sexy and happy Skars :upsidedown::sweatdrop:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    And it's always good to hear Alex's voice (:

    Alex "The East" Q&A Interesting Clip - Alexander Skarsgard

    Via:tallblondeviking/Published byYi Ling
  3. Buckeye! :hugs:

    Ja, Pam did call Öland.....well, that. But it changed a lot during the last 1000 years;) ......and I'm sorry to disappoint you but Mönsterå isn't thrilling but means 'patterns'.
    If you like something spooky, I recommend to visit "Rrövar Liljas Håla" (= robber Lija's cave) on Gotland;)

    :roflmfao: I'm sorry but my stealth mode doesn't work here - you see, I'm a real redhead and don't blend in easily among all these beautiful blond beach babes :shucks:......but I'll do my best ;)

    Thanks a bunch hun:hugs: .....and thanks again for your 'Multi-Quote' lesson - see, it worked *yay*
  4. Thank you for the warm welcoming! Nice to be here. I have read the hole tread previous thread, and now I'm scanning trough thread XV (I'm at page 398) :smile:
  5. True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Van Straten Gets Emotional Over Rumors Of Alexander Skarsgard’s Departure

    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Major “True Blood” death rumors are swirling as Season 6 draws close to a close. Only the cast knows which major character will meet their true death – but did Kristin Bauer van Straten’s teary eyes give away a major spoiler?

    The actress, who plays vampire Pam on the HBO series, stopped by Access Hollywood Live to chat about her work with Best Friends Animal Society, and when it came to talk of the rumors that her onscreen friend and maker, Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard), could be leaving the show — the star got emotional.

    “It’s is a fear of mine for a couple of reasons,” she said, when asked if Eric might die this season.

    “I love being around him,” she continued, holding back her emotions.

    When pressed about who might meet their maker, she teased, “I know a lot of things… I can’t say.”

    Kristin explained that she has grown very close to her longtime co-star.

    “It’s family. I’m around often Alex for 70 hours a week and we laugh and laugh,” she explained. “My favorite part on the job is the day on the set.”

    Adding, “I could cry thinking about whenever, like 10 years from now, if I’m not next to Alex, I’ll be sad.”

    At Comic-Con earlier this month, the actress also spoke about the possibility of Alexander not being on the show.

    “If he’s ever not on the show with me… I’d be exceedingly sad,” she said at the time.

    “True Blood” airs Sundays on HBO at 9 PM.
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    Alex interviewed by Actor of Desire

    Nice interview. The translation was fairly smooth too.

    Actor of desire


    By Louise Kidde Sauntved

    The cult series 'True Blood' has made 36-year-old Alexander Skarsgård, eldest son of Stellan Skarsgård, a superstar in the United States. But the Swedish actor is most passionate about small films with something to say - like 'What Maisie Knew', which has its Danish theatrical release today.

    With his 194 cm and piercing blue eyes Alexander Skarsgård is not a man anyone could just overlook. However, it is his - inherited presumably - acting talent, which in a few years has made Stellan Skarsgård's eldest son a name both in and outside of Hollywood. He really broke through as the icy cold, but also complex vampire Eric Northman in HBO's cult series "True Blood," which is currently running at 6 season. Since then he has created a solid film career alongside work on the series. He has, among other things starred in Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia' and this year alone in three films: Thriller 'The East' and 'Disconnect' and the current independent cinema film 'What Maisie Knew', which tells the story of a divorce from the child's point of view. Alexander Skarsgård plays the new stepfather, Lincoln, who is six year old Maisie's anchor in the storm.

    The film is a modern interpretation of a more than 100 year old novel by Henry James, translated into today's New York, and Alexander Skarsgård was attracted to the film at once eternal and a very current portrait of how the children too often become trapped when Mom and Dad go to war against each other.

    "We live in a very individualistic society, where there is a strong focus on self-realization and me-me-me. It's not about that one does not love their children, but that they are so focused on their own thing and being angry with their ex-partners, the children are forgotten, and it's not pretty, "says Alexander Skarsgård, who, however, only had his parents' divorce to draw on when it comes to experiences.

    A proper divorce

    "And I think there would have been a very boring movie out of," he says with a laugh. Parents, Stellan and My Skarsgård, divorced amicably when Alexander Skarsgård was 30 years old.

    "They had been together for 35 years and it was about time that they came forward, and I knew both of them well. They are very good friends and live a block from each other on Södermalm in Stockholm. Both mom and dad feel better now than the last year they were together. '

    Perhaps this seems Alexander Skarsgård views 'What Maisie Knew' not as an anti-divorce movie, but as a reminder to do it in a proper way.

    "If it does not work, separate. I do not believe in staying together for the children's sake. There's nothing good out of growing up in a loveless home. '

    Wine, laughter and True Blood

    Alexander Skarsgård grew up in a large family with lots of love, noise and high ceilings.

    "I come from a bohemian artist family where there were always many people at home. Father always cooked, so almost every day there were great dinners with 20 people on board. They drank wine, and there were all kinds of crazy hippies - creative, beautiful and interesting people. It was very unpretentious. I always wanted the door open into my room, because I could hear when the adults sat there and talked and laughed and drank wine late into the night. I would be with them. So I have it still. I thrive in social groups with many friends. "

    Alexander Skarsgård was part of the creative world early on. He made his debut at age seven in the movie "Åke och hans värld"and had his big breakthrough at age 13 with the TV movie "Hunden som log." Alexander Skarsgård did not, however, like to be recognized on the street. He wanted to just be an ordinary boy who could play football with friends in peace, so he said stop.

    To this day, he is deeply grateful that his parents did not try to push him to continue.

    "During casting for 'What Maisie Knew' I met a lot of child actors whose parents put a large strain on them that they almost were not kids anymore. But my father just said, "I love my job, it's a great job, but it's also a tough job. You should listen to yourself, and if you feel that there is an alternative, do it instead. You only become an actor if you do not feel you have no choice. ' I was glad. If I had continued, I was definitely burned out. "

    Instead, he again felt the urge at the age of 20 and first went to New York to go to drama school and then, ten years ago, to Los Angeles, where he got his big break in the HBO series "Generation Kill" and not least 'True Blood', which was such an overwhelming success that it has given him the financial freedom to be selective in his choice of film roles.

    '''True Blood' has opened a lot of doors for me in the film world, and I am incredibly grateful for it. It has also meant that I can afford to just go for projects I'm passionate about, small indie films like 'What Maisie Knew', which I do not earn much on. It's a great privilege."

    Spontaneity and passion

    Next year's 'True Blood" is, however, a closed chapter, at least for Alexander Skarsgård - he is very reluctant to make an official announcement about the series. And it probably means a farewell to LA.

    "I do miss the spontaneity from when I grew up in Södermalm, where I lived close to my friends and could just go down to the local bar without having to call anyone because I knew that my friends were there. In LA everything is far apart, so it's a different lifestyle that is more planned and less spontaneous. I miss just bumping into people - it does not happen in LA, where everyone is just sitting in their cars. I just love to go around, maybe look into a shop or sit in a café. "

    Next stop will probably be New York or Europe - but everything is open. "We have to see what happens," he says with a wry smile. It all depends on the projects being offered to him, and if he can burn them.

    "I am having incredible fun right now and am deeply grateful that I am one of the lucky ones who have work in this industry. But it is also a creative job, and you have to feel the creativity, to feel that you burn every day upon waking. If there comes a day when I wake up and do not feel the passion, I must continue. I will never be an actor if I did not think it's the best job in the world - so I'll find something else! But right now I think it's great. '

    (Source:, + Google Translation + Some Clean-up/Interpretation by The Library, Photo credit: Niels Ahlmann

  7. I figured it was something boring. But it's still a fun name!

    How is your back doing?

    I wonder how much of this he actually said, and how much he implied. He does tend to be more open with non-American interviews, though.
    I suspect, even when TB is over for him, which I do think will be next year, no matter how long TB keeps it going, he's still going to have to have some base in LA.
  8. Another from the Danish feeds:

    Swedish Hollywood star dreams about Thomas Vinterber


    He has played a long-suffering husband in Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia", has been killed by Lady Gaga in the music video for "Paparazzi" and is best known as the Viking vampire in the TV series "True Blood".

    Right now the actor Alexander Skarsgard is currently in the divorce drama "What Maisie Knew" with, among others, Julianne Moore, and he has several major Hollywood projects on the wallpaper.

    Skarsgard is very careful not to limit himself in his choice of roles.

    "For me it's about finding stories I'm interested in, to be able to work with directors and actors, which means something to me and of course being able to play roles that differ from each other, he says to Newspaq.

    "Every time I say yes to a role, I feel that I can learn something, and that it is a role that helps me to grow as an actor and as a human being, he says.

    Alexander Skarsgard could easily see himself in several Danish-directed film.

    "I have a whole horde of talented instructors here. Thomas Vinterberg would be great to work with. I'm a big fan of his work.Nicolas Winding Refn would be so cool to do something with. He performs quite well," says the actor, laughing.

    "It's not that I have emigrated to Hollywood. I would still like to make films in both Sweden and Denmark. Both places have so many new, talented directors, I would like to work with. But I love the contrast between Hollywood and Scandinavia, he said."

  9. A new home! :drinks:

    Hi everyone, thank you so much to all of you for your birthday wishes, I had a lovely day with my little man and a cake that was not made by me (for a change) also had the news a few days after that my friend is doing really well with her treatment, so that was the icing on the cake, so to speak!

    Thanks for all the pics and articles and stuff, this IS the thread where its at ;)
    Welcome to the new posters:flowers:

    I am loving S6 of TB.....was so doubtful during the hiatus but I am so psyched that I don't have much of a clue how this season is going to end, I'm just going with the flow...Last episode, Eric's scenes yanked my heart out, I am sensing though that Eric will be going postal till the finale....bring it on;)

    I watched 'What Maisie Knew' a few days ago and I watched 'Disconnect' last night, loved them both WMK was amazing just for the interaction between Alex and Onata, that little girl is going to be a star.....Disconnect was done really well, thought provoking, I have had some identity theft problems in the past and it is a horrible process to go through, Jason Bateman was outstanding in the movie, I've always liked him and the processof him breaking down was heartwrenching........just need to see The East now :smile:

    I don't know what peoples thoughts are about the Tarzan project? I am actually quite excited to see him do it if they take the character to a really dark place, also I am hoping there will be some filming in the UK, not that I want to bump into him....accidently on purpose of course:sneaky:

    I bought some Pimms to the houseparty as it is hotter than satans ballsack here in London :biggrin:

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  10. I personal think that TB is singing on it's last season next year and reading between the lines Alex isn't staying, I would love to see him do other stuff and hopefully a comedy.
  11. I totally agree with your last paragraph :smile:

    Thank you for the photos and interviews :smile:

    Moo :hugs: I am so pleased for you and your friend. That really is good news :biggrin:
    And Pimms is always welcome :drinkup:

    I think you are so right about TB7, and Alex :smile:
  12. MooCowmoo, those Pimms looks really yummie :P and I would rather be drinking Pimms than be working to 21.30.
  13. First and foremost HAPPY BELATED MOO!!!!:hugs:

    My back is better, thanks. But the doctor said, I still need another Rehab........but right now I enjoy my vacation and than I'll go to WOW Göteborg and than we'll see:P

    I agree, he won't give up his house but maybe he'll move to New York. He loves the city, got many friends there, he can walk around and it is kind of half way between Stockholm and L.A.

    Yesterday I've told you ladies, that Alex is in Kalmar/on Öland but now he is gone already. He met with an old friend who owns a private propeller plane and they are gone flying.
  14. I just think we should have these gifs in this new thread also. :smile:
    (from Disconnect)

    Alex and a baby. :love:





    Gifs: askarsswedishmeatballs.tumblr
  15. Wow, he really gets around this summer :coolio: :lol:
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