Alexander Mcqueen Scarf Thread

  1. Sharing my McQ scarf.


    Extremely versatile!
  2. The ivory with red sounds gorgeous. I've not seen that in the UK.
  3. image-1478233461.jpg

    Came in the mail yesterday, I am in love with both. Now looking for green with purple skulls and fuchsia
  4. Nice scarves!!
  5. Very elegant
  6. Great colors!!
  7. Gorgeous scarves shopgirl!
  8. Thanks ladies! Now I want these in every color combo and Balenciaga's to match :smile:
  9. Love this scarf!!!! Beauty!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  10. My new pink! Sensational! Love all the scarves!!!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  11. V eye catching! Gorgeous!
  12. dotcomgirl--where did you find that wonderful pink scarf?! I need it so badly!!!!

    I just got my grey scarf with navy skulls from the Saks F&F sale; I'm wearing it today. I'm obsessed ... all I can think about it how to get another one!
  13. I can't control my excitement, My very first mcqueen scarf was the red lips scarf, And unfortunately I took it to paris and thought it would be safe in my hotel room but it went missing and never got found.

    So I found one on eBay and picked it up for £95, I'm so so so so happy, when it comes I will post a picture of my scarf collection that has significantly grown since my first.

    I just can't contain my happiness