Alexander McQueen Bag Thread

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  1. Hi McQueen lovers, does anyone have the Heroine open tote? I just found one on sale and it's on its way to me. From the size and design, it looks like it could be a very functional workhorse bag, but I've never owned a McQueen and don't know how durable they are. I would pile files and a laptop in this bag, and definitely wouldn't baby it. It might also double as a carry-on travel bag. Opinions?
  2. IMG_0444.JPG Here is the Padlock satchel , small size.
    I bought it a few weeks ago.:heart::heart:
  3. Love yours in red. this is mine:smile:

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  4. Beautiful, GemsBerry!:tup::love:
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  5. I am wondering how everyone's heroines have held up?

    I bought this one just before Christmas:

    Haven't used it yet still have a couple of weeks to decide on it and I've noticed that the flap is getting incredibly wrinkled just from opening it when trying it on. I get it isn't the most practical bag around to use but I prefer not to keep it if it's going to look shabby and old after a few uses. I did receive one first that had a deep scratch (even though the leather is almost like saffiano leather) and the bag itself was getting wrinkles. I the second one I got in exchange was lovely but I wondered if the condition of the first one was it's future.
    I got it for a great price but I don't want to keep it if it's not going to age well.

    Anyone have this style that can comment on how it ages after use over a period of time?

  6. My ultimate Alexander McQueen panther knuckle box clutch ❤❤❤ No words. 2017-02-11 21.45.33.jpg
  7. Hello to all McQueen owner especially small padlock round zipper bag ;)
    This is would be my first McQueen item/bag and plan to use as everyday/ work bag, please your thoughts pro and con about this bag (practically, quality, durable/scratches, if slouchy after period of time) also my big concern is do you have an experience colour transfer or rain mark on your bag? Thanks and much appreciated your input ;)

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  8. Hi Gabrie!:smile:
    The Padlock satchel is a very practical bag as it is 17 or 18 cm deep. It means that it will fit all your essentials.
    It won't slouch and the grainy leather isn't prone to scratches or colour transfer.
    I don't know about the durability as I have had mine for approximately two months only.
    The only con I have found is the price. The bag is much too expensive compared to my Zanellato Postina which I bought at the same time..
    Try to get it on sale, Gabrie.
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  9. Mine is in Birch color I believe. I have her for almost a year now, but since I have a lot of other bags, she is very lightly used. I really like it for size, structure, leather and the easy opening. I have no experience with color transfer. I'm not sure if I've worn her with jeans. Mine has not shown signs of use except a minor wave on the leather. A minor con for me is the weight. It's not that heavy on its own, but could feel heavy as you put more stuff. And I would have preferred bottom feet on her.
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  10. Thanks Mariapia, the pink one that I want is on sale. Your colour is gorgeous too. Have you wear when rain? Is it have a rain drop/mark on it? I am paranoid now since my Givenchy Pandora Oxblood is faded when get wet (from rain drop or sweat hand - crazy!!).
  11. Thanks msd_bags. What colour is Birch? At the moment I am more toward to get this bag compare to Philip Lim Pasli Medium size. Philip Lim Pashli in medium is more heavy.
    The one is concern me and hold me to purchase is IF the bag faded when gets wet / rain drop. Super paranoid when found out it happened to my Oxblood Pandora.
  12. No, Gabrie, I still haven't carried it in the rain... But I don't think it would get spots.
    Oxblood colour is different in my opinion.
    I have noticed that oxblood and purple can change colours easily.
    I have a purple Gérard Darel bag that sold with a pochette.
    The bag isn't really purple anymore, the pochette which remained inside... is still the same colour as before.
    I think it has something to do with oxydation which happens when we take our bags out, rain or shine.
  13. This is my bag.
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  14. Beautiful, msd_bags!:loveeyes::loveeyes:
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