Alexander McQueen Bag Thread

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  1. I thought that maybe there should be a thread for members to discuss and post pics of their Alexander McQueen bags - whether they are a variation of the Novak, or other styles. :biggrin:

    Also, we could discuss and post pics of AM bags we are thinking of getting/would like to get. :yes:

    A few hours ago, I finally succumbed and bought the black fish scale Mini Novak with Dragon (or Wyrm) Clasp:

    I hope I like it as much IRL as I do on-line! :nuts:
  2. That is one gorgeous bag :love: I'm sure you're gonna love it. I have the red Novak and it kind of surprised me how much it goes with. Now I'm lusting over the small olive one, it's funny, I was just looking at it at NAP 5 minutes ago.
  3. ^ Thank you! :flowers:

    I think I'm going to love it, too. I haven't bought a bag in a while, but I think this one's really special! :yes:

    What a coincidence, BTW, do you think you'll get the olive?

    Also, if you have any pics of your red Novak, it would be lovely to see them! :flowers:
  4. I just changed computers 2 weeks ago and I haven't figured out how to resize pics on this one yet :censor: I've been a little hezitant about the color olive and that is the only thing that has stopped me from buying it. I just ordered an olive Laurin Merkin clutch to try out the color :P and if I like it I'm going ahead and buying it. I really love the shape of the novak, it's both feminine and edgy at the same time.
  5. I really like the Novak, too. :biggrin:

    I didn't buy the original one, as I really prefer slouchy shoulderbags and clutches, on me. But I've always admired it on others.

    I think olive's a nice colour and fairly neutral, really. You can wear it with most warmer colours and brown, black, or grey. It also looks really good against an olive complexion, or a tan. :yes:

    Probably not so much on me, though, I'm quite fair.

    No hurry about the pics, BTW! :biggrin:
  6. Well, you talked me into it, I just ordered it a minute ago :yahoo:
  7. Oh dear, I've enabled again! :Push:

    That's twice in one week! :shame:

    I'm sorry! :lol:

    I hope I'm right and you like the colour! :yes:
  8. :lol: Noooo I'm really happy about it so thank you and I'm sure I'll love it!!! Funny how things turn out sometimes, lol
  9. ^ Very true. :biggrin:
  10. I can finally start posting pics again ! Anyway, she came on tuesday :yahoo: , I think, and here she is: Miss Olive sitting pretty next to her big sister Miss red
  11. OMG!!! that's sooo beautiful! i love the dragon clasp :love:
    chloehandbag, icechick, congrats to you two!
    may i ask how much was it?
  12. All of them are from NAP, I don't remember the price of the dragonclasp but mine was around 500 pounds with shipping.
  13. the red novak is my favourite of all time!!! drool!
    My mom has the small one in beige, with the woven leather. It's lovely. The Novak is so elegant!
  14. I love his bags, they´re hot!!!

  15. Oh, she's lovely! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think the olive's even nicer in your photo (greener and less yellow) and of course, the red's gorgeous, too. :yes:

    They look great together! :biggrin: