Alexander McQueen Bag Thread

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  1. Thanks mariapia!! How are you finding your red?
  2. I love it, msd_bags, I bought it on sale but it's true that at first, I was looking for one like yours.;) as I had already bought my red Zanellato Postina..
  3. It's another gorgeous red anyway, so 2 are justifiable!! [emoji16]
  4. Yes! :heart::heart:
  5. IMG_2271.JPG Been using my Large Demanta since Feb 11. Decided to pair with my Studded Slip-Ons today.
    Posted this in the main forum but I think I should have posted it here. Is this the Un/Official AMCQ Thread?
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    I saw the other day the new box bag in sales in Liberty London. The price was 50%!!
    They were exposed like Zara bags... I was a little surprised.
    By the way, the bag is AMAZING. Out of my budget now, but absolutely beautiful.

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  7. I would totally get black with eyelets!
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  8. Those of you with the Padlock: do you just leave the key strap as it is? It seems impossible to remove because the key cover won’t fit through the strap slit, and it always slips down the handle when I carry it by the long strap—not a look I love. The last few times I carried her I secured the key higher to the handle hardware with a ball chain, but that’s not a look I relish either. Haven’t carried her much over the years because of this. I would hate to resort to cutting it off. Any other solutions?

    I’m also sad they stopped producing this bag though—would’ve loved to have gotten other colors. McQueen Padlock key 1.jpg McQueen Padlock key 2.jpg
  9. Stunning!
  10. I don't have this bag, but have had similar trouble. Lets see if I can explain this...

    If you pull the key cover away from the key (on the leather strap ) you should be able to fold the key cover over a bit, so that it will fit through the hole in the other end of the strap. Does that make sense? You can then pull the cover back down over the key (when the strap is undone) It will have fit, but the cover has no flexibility at all when it's covering the key.

    Good luck!!! Beautiful bag!
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  11. Yes, thank you—that's a very clear explanation! Sadly, the cover is still a skosh too big and/or stiff to fit through the slit. I'll keep playing with your technique though. Thank you so much for your reply!
  12. No problem, just remember that it was skoshed at one point to fit it to the handle of the bag!!! With leather of that quality, manipulating it shouldn't cause any damage to the cles cover.

    All the best
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  13. I just realized the keys are attached to a ring, so I need to remove the ring, then I should be able to pull the strap through the cles cover and detach. Time to sacrifice my manicure… IMG_0952.jpg
  14. You shouldn't need to remove the ring - now the cles cover is separate from the keys - you should be able to manipulate the cover through the gap - and the gap should easily be big enough to get the keys and the ring through?
  15. It's still a very tight fit and I get queasy at the thought of using brute force on my bags :crybaby:maybe I'll get my husband to do it haha