Ages of Coach lovers

  1. Just curious to see what age groups Coach attracts
  2. Well my darling, I'm 40. I like the leather bags, but stay away from the bright signature patterns. I do like the tiedye line.
  3. I'm 21 & love the signature & limited edition pieces (seasonal). I don't own an all leather one yet.
  4. I will be 23 very soon! I noticed that in previous years I only wanted the signature pieces and now I am leaning towards the more subdued leather bags. Although I must admit I havent bought a new Coach item in quite a while.
  5. I will be 35 next month. I used to only like the leather bags. This season I discovered the indigo patchwork items and fell in love. I have the tote, wristlet, and zippered wallet. I hope to get the flower keyfob soon!
  6. 23! coach was a gateway bag for me :smile: still love my coach bags though :smile:
  7. LOL, I am older and wiser than most in this group I bet!
  8. 34; I received my first Coach bag as a christmas gift from my hubby back in 1999. I bought a few more pieces, then ended up selling them all but my first bag. I was really into LV but am not wondering back to Coach as the prices are much more in line with what I am comfortable paying (that and the new cute bags coming out).
  9. im 16, i recived my first coach bag when i was 13 for my birthday from my parents
  10. I'm 28 and I started with Coach when I was around 20. My first Coach bag was a red, all leather bag. I still love it!
  11. 24 here :biggrin:
    just added a cute pouch to my collection a couple of hours ago!! :roflmfao:
    i will celebrate and post pics!! stay toon!! ;)
  12. 24
  13. I'm 13 :biggrin:
  14. Oops-forgot to say how old I am-I am 41.
  15. my first bag 10 years ago for HS graduation and have been in love ever since.
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