A thread for the unemployed

  1. yes, surely your field will grip you and will not let you go if moneey is coming
  2. Does anyone have any family members who think they are trying to help but really just make everything worse?

    My grandmother's sister feels like she has to help everybody and calls my mother about my job search. She has gone around to companies and said that she has a relative who is desperatly searching for a job, has gone to the unemployment office in her city, etc.

    She's basically treating me like I am sitting at home and doing nothing - that is not the case at all!! :wtf: I am writing cover letters like crazy. There are some days where I don't write any - but there aren't always new jobs out there!

    It just hurts my feelings that she thinks, that I'm just sitting on my butt all day. I don't want her help!!!! I don't want her to talk to my mom about this, or anybody else. It's nobody's business. If I want to talk about MY problem, then that is one thing. But I don't need this woman talking to everybody about my problem...
  3. oh yeah I have an aunt like that...though she lives too far away to help with my job search. She just complains to everyone about how lazy I am and how I don't want to work...WTF!!!
    When I was going to work she complained that I'm not going to school like a normal college kid should (I am doing my business degree online through a college in Toronto), and then now that I am laid off and wanting to move and just finish up school since jobs are hard to come by, she complains that I am lazy and don't want to work...It totally bugs me because yes I would like to be working. She doesn't even know how bad I miss getting up and going to work each day. I hate sitting home all day. I am the type of person that needs to have something to do all day and be overworked otherwise I'm bored. I do job hunt but there are no jobs in my area unless you want to do manual labour in a factory. I'm way too skinny to be able to lift the required 50lbs + that most of those types of jobs call for, so there are a lot of days that I don't put a resume out. It doesn't mean I'm being lazy and not looking it just means that there are no jobs!!!!
  4. I know exactly what you are saying. It hurts my feelings when she says things like that to my mom. If she has a problem with me or wants to help me, then she needs to talk to ME about it... and not my mother.

    She is one of those family members who can do no wrong. She is a nice lady and does a lot to help out the family, but I think she's just lost sense of where boundaries are. She did the same thing when I came to this country and was deciding on where to go to school. She kept pressuring me and pressuring me, going around to Universites and saying "My great niece wants to go to school, LET HER IN!!". I don't need someone doing that for me. I'm 26 years old and can take care of myself.

    I want a job so badly. I'm willing to do pretty much anything, but I am ever overqualified or underqualified. I have a telephone interview at the end of next week with a pretty huge company, but I sometimes think that there is no point. All of the other companies rejected me, what's holding this one back? Know what I mean?


    Now I'm off to the unemployment office. Wonderful :/
  5. Sternchen, my sister was unemployed for many years after taking the buyout from Chrysler Canada. She already had a degree in English and minor in History, and then recently went back to school and got her Masters in Library Science and a Teaching Degree. She couldn't find anything in our hometown in Canada for years, except for some tutoring here and there. She recently landed a job in Tokyo and has been there for several weeks. She was very frustrated but we're thankful she found something, even though it's out of the country.

    Now, my DH is job hunting and has been for months with the same outcome as yours. He is an electrician with over 15 years experience. He has an interview with Ford next Wednesday in Chicago so we're praying he gets that job. Also BP was interested in interviewing him as well, but that interview hasn't been set up yet.

    I wish you luck in your job hunting! BTW, we are both in our early 40's and it is still difficult to get hired, or even get an interview.
  6. I know I am the same. I live at home though because I couldn't afford a place while going to school. I am looking into moving to a larger area so that I can get a job though.
    It's like my aunt uses my mom to try and make me feel bad on a daily basis. She won't email me to tell me how lazy I am she decides to email my mom and tell her I'm so lazy and how she would never allow her kids to be adults living off of them blah blah blah. Then she goes and tells other people in our family how lazy I am, but she never says it to my face...I wish she would so I could set her straight...
    The best part is she is the one that goes around telling everyone that if she was my mother she would refuse to let me move to the city because I will end up raped and/or murdered. Talk about double standards!!
    I am half way through a business degree so yeah I feel you. If I apply for something retail or fast food then I feel I am overqualified, especially considering that I spent the last two years working as an exec. for a corporation. If I try to get something in the business sector like my last job, I'm underqualified because I am still in school!! Right now though all jobs are hard to come by so it's pretty much a wait and see type thing.
  7. Thank you Sugarjaws! I wish you and your DH the best of luck and I will be crossing my fingers that it either works out at Ford or BP :smile:

    I have an offer from a temp company that I may just have to accept. I'm becoming impatient and I have 3 kids here at home that need their mom to be sane ;) My DH owns his own business that is on the rocks, so we may not have a stable income in the next 2-3 months. So it's time for me to hit the pavement (not in that way ;) ) If I accepted the temp company's offer it would either mean a hellish commute (1.5-2h each way) or we would have to move. DH can do his business from anywhere, but I'm somewhat hesitant to take my oldest out of the school she is in now. My other 2 are still in pre-k/kindergarten. I moved around a lot as a kid and it became a way of life for me (army brat!). Just dunno how my kiddos would deal with it..
  8. Ugh that really stinks!! I will also tell this great-aunt of mine my mind when I see her next. I guess I'm at the point now where I just don't give a damn and will tell anyone whatever is on my mind. I need to start defending myself. I can't have her talking that way about me. She is one of those relatives who can never do any wrong. Everybody defends her... "Ohhh, she means well!". WELL THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT OK!! :push:


    I wish you the best of luck with school and the job-hunt!! Do you know which business sector you want to go into?
  9. Not really sure what I want to go into. I chose business in the first place because I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grow up LOL!
    I am hoping though that I might be able to get into something fashion related but am not really picky...
  10. ^^ Thanks! Good luck to you as well. It is so tough out there. I think it's a great idea to work with a temp company. That is how I got my first full-time job at 18 years old with the police dept. in my former hometown. Also, my DH in his former job had to drive up to 2 hours one way to a job site. We might just have to do that again if he gets this job.

    For the record: You are not sitting at home doing nothing - you have 3 kids - that is a job in itself!
  11. I'll let you in on a little secret...

    *whisper* me too!!


    But I really do enjoy business and I have found a field that I think is right for me (banking, risk management, treasury, business analyst) but it's soooo hard to get into that field without a ton of work experience. Somebody just give me a job and I'll show you what I can do!!
  12. There are just some times where you have to go to the extremes to provide for your family. I will talk to the lady from the temp agency tomorrow and see what the next step is. I'm desperate for anything!

    BTW: I'd pay a looooot of money for just one or two days of "sitting at home doing nothing" ;)
  13. I've been feeling a little depressed myself. It'll be a year at the end of the month that I have been unemployed. I used to work in the hotel industry and my hotel was sold. The new owners brought in their own employees and laid off all of the original workers. I've applied to 987 jobs out there and its sad to say that its just so difficult out there.
  14. It is extremely difficult and it is very hard to keep a positive attitude when you just keep getting rejected. I hardly have the energy anymore to write these cover letters. I just keep thinking "What's the point? They are just going to reject me anyway!"
  15. If you don't mind working in retail over the holiday season, they usually hire extra workers in October for the Nov.-Jan duration. I did this one year and lucked out by applying at the right time....the window is rather tight, so be sure you aren't late with your application. Go in person if you think it will help also. Good luck!