A thread for the unemployed

  1. Oh no! I don't want to apply for food stamps!! We make too much money for that, lol. I meant for a Food Stamp Caseworker position. It's a state job. Haha, that's kind of funny.
    I work part time and my husband works full time; it's just the two of us so we don't need any assistance.
    I could do my internship where I am working now, actually, since I am at a non-profit working with disabled people. I am in Oregon.
    Yes, I should look into going to school part time and just paying as I go, you are right.
  2. I am beyond frustrated with the recent job hunt. We stupidly moved to a city much much smaller than the last one for financial reasons and were told there were "lots" of jobs by a trusted family member so decided to make the big move before really looking into things. BIG mistake!

    Ive been handing out resumes like a mad woman. Refreshing job postings constantly on numerous websites numerous times per day and keeping an open mind even out of my comfort zone. These jobs are nothing spectacular. Most are low paying and low hours.

    Ive had a couple of interviews but I seem to always be "second best" to someone else.. or they decide to hire within the company. I got a few job offerings but the hours are low or the job does not start for another month. Ive always been a go-getter, excited for the job hunt but its so hard. In this town everyone complains there are no jobs so I know its not just me, they are definitely scarce. I am asking to take jobs that do not even work for me since it seems all thats even being offered is part time with a "chance" of going up to full time.

    But the most frustrating part of it all is numerous times Ive seen a posting, hand in a resume, many times which Ive been told they've already hired. One or two days later they post the ad up AGAIN saying they are still looking for people. And I never get a call back? Wth is up with that? I just want to shake these people...
  3. gosh darnit.
    i am trying to look for my first job. my friend and i (she already has a job right now) went in for an interview for hostess at a restaurant. of course she freakin got the call back and i didnt.
    i knew that they wanted some experience, but when she got the call back for the second interview, that wasn't what made me kind of annoyed. what made me annoyed was when she was being a little b*tch, acting like i was a burden on her.
  4. I completely understand your frustration!! We also live far away from the city for family reasons, which causes me to commute almost 2 hours each way because I couldnt find work near me. People are saying that there are jobs out thers...but there arent!!! At least not in my area.

    The fact that many companys only hire on part time basis is ridiculous. I have experienced this a fes times and cant really make any sense of it...ither than get paid part time and do full time work? That is how it is in the company I currently work for. There is one lady who is scheduled for 24 hrs a week and only gets paid for those hours , but she is constantly pulling 35-40 hrs a week because she just cant get done.

    I hope you find something soon!!
  5. I am sorry!

    It really sucks when friends apply for the same job at the same company. I had an issue similar to this with a friend. He was invited to an interview and I was not
  6. I feel for everyone here! I'm a year out of college and have been also looking for a full time decent paying job for what feels like forever! I can't even keep track of all the places that I have applied to. Even if i know I'm not qualified i still apply just in case. I don't have much job experience so my situation is kinda like "need job to get experience, need experience to get job" so basically I've been s.o.l! Lol
  7. What's worst is working jobs that don't really pay anything. Best thing is to just keep applying no matter how pointless it may seem & depending on your situation ( if you have children or not) apply for jobs out of town ( take a day trip somewhere and hit that pavement) .

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  8. This is what I'm doing...Been looking for a year in the area that I currently live in and nothing unless McDonald's is your dream job. I move next weekend to the city and hopefully I will be able to find a job fast because I can't afford to pay for the place I am locked into a year lease with unless I find a job in the first two months!
  9. :/ I defiantly understand that predicament. If cant find adequate FT position two PT will have to do. It's so difficult especially when you know you have the skills but than employers still say "another highly qualified candidate was chosen "

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  10. Thank you for the kind words. :smile:

    WOW 2 hours.. that is insane! I complain having to drive more than 15 minutes to work LOL.

    Companies these days are always trying to save a buck. Rather than hire a bunch of people full time and have to pay them more and pay out benefits, they hire a bunch of part-timers. That is what Ive been seeing lately. Recently Ive received 3-4 part-time offerings with the "potential" to move up to full-time and even been told its depending on performance by 2 of the companies. Companies just dont want to promise anything in case you are a dud, then they can just give you 5 hours a week if they want, forcing you to quit.

    I got a job offering today by one of the companies I had an interview at. They said part time BUT Im not "allowed" to get a 2nd job because I need to have open availability. How is anyone supposed to survive? I have a family to support, I need benefits, I need good pay and I need full time hours.
  11. I have an unpaid position at a music magazine which is really awesome as I get to get free CDs and take photographs of some great bands but I've not been paid for the entire time so it kinda sucks in that respect.

    But I'm at uni now so I don't get any materials paid for so I really need something and there isn't even a job at a supermarket in my town at the moment :sad: I've applied for so much work and...I don't know I just want to work!
  12. I had a interview half a week ago. I left feeling terrible. I dont even know why the manager offered me an interview at all. He nitpicked EVERYTHING. I was over-qualified and he clearly saw that as a threat. I have enough experience to take HIS job.. and he just left me feeling like I wasnt "good" enough (if that makes sense). Why even bother wasting my time? He nitpicked everything, how much $$ I was making, how I got the jobs, if I went to school for them.. I had a feeling like he was asking questions for his own personal benefit, not to see if I was right for the position. Most of the questions were irrelevant to the position. Do I have family here? Where do they live? Why did I move here? Who did I move here with? How old is my son? Do I smoke? He may as well have been asking me what colour underwear I was wearing.

    I DO NOT understand managers that base a hiring decision on such personal details.

    He asked for references and I ended the interview asking when he might contact me in regards to the position and I got a cold: "Ill think about it." He never even bothered to check my references at all. I knew from the moment I stepped into his shabby office he had already decided he did not want to hire me. I feel like a fool.
  13. Ugh, that sounds awful!!! :hugs:

    Be glad that he likely won't contact you - you don't want to work for a dope like that anyway!!
  14. Sterchen - agreed. That is so unprofessional. I am currently temping and i have been for interviews (about 4) where the employer did not really bother to interview me.

    So rude!

    Its tough out there basically its an employers market. The ball is in their court.

    CocoMoew - you mentioned that alot more employers are hiring people on a part time basis. I have noticed that to. Plus they are using alot more long term temps.

    I have been in situations where i have temping applied for the same position i was working at and been told that i could not apply for the position permanently as they were using another agency to hire.

    It mean't that if they hired me they would have had to pay two fees.

    Also so many jobs now are via agencies. Some of the jobs they advertise do not even exist. It is just so they can get CV's and register suitable candidates.

    I have thought about putting my cv on Linkedin however i am just an administrator so i have decided not to bother.

    Thought i would just post the above even though i am not unemployed.
  15. Cool girl, I am also working for a temp agency :smile: Nice to know I'm not alone!

    I still haven'T heard anything from the company that I interviewed with. It's been over 2 weeks since my interview. :push: This is BS. If you don't want me then just TELL me so!!