A thread for the unemployed

  1. I lost my job GNA job in 2007 because a co-worker lied to the DON at the nursing home I worked at. Because were not allowed to work in the state with a current GNA license and the DON refused to sign my re-cert app, I missed the deadline and couldn't apply for a new job in my field. I had been certified for 6 yrs prior to that incident.

    I found a retail job in 2008 but lost it in 2010 and haven't been to work since. I applied for any and everything I could think of thinking I'd bounce back with in a few weeks. Boy was I wrong. No one responded to any of my job inquires...Not one.

    When I tried to apply for UE they came up with every reason why I couldn't receive it.

    It got so bad I just stopped looking. I became VERY depressed to the point I wouldn't leave my apt for weeks, I stopped speaking to friends, going out the whole 9.

    I'm currently about to graduate from my GNA class next Thursday. I'm pretty sure I'll get a job but I've been set back so far I'm basically starting from scratch. I'm preparing for driving class and plan on getting my 1st car. My plan is to go to nursing school to be an RN and then onto grad school to become a Nurse Anesthetist.

    Lately I've been stressing about planing out my future and getting to a point where I'm myself again. My mom has been very supportive and even paid for my recent training so I could go back to work in my original field.

    At this point I'm feeling optimistic but I'm still afraid that something will trip me up like it did the last time.
  2. Yes Im happy he didnt hire me, I'd hate working for a boss like that! lol

    So true about this being an employers market. I remember how it was several years ago, everyone knew that if your boss really pissed you off, you could go walk across the street and get hired there the same day.

    I feel like employers think they can take advantage of employees now. Ive never quite frankly had to be so desperate and "beg" for a job. Just shaking my head right now..

    I was waiting for one of my interviewers to call me in regards to a job but what is it with employers waiting so long to hire?? She told me she wanted to schedule a 2nd interview but would have to call me. I waited but then got another job offer for a part-time nanny position and I couldnt say no and lose the opportunity because I need to start working ASAP. The lady (who I was waiting for to call me) finally called almost a week later and said she will just hire me but I had to decline since she was looking for someone with flexible hours and I'd already agreed to something else.

    I just dont understand, why have me wait for so long, biting my nails? Its not a busy place at all.. Oh well at least Im working! Even if its being a nanny. Had an interview at a hotel, I have a 2nd interview on monday. I just hate having to pretty much "demote" myself in terms of experience but in this life we have to do what we have to do.

  3. CocoMeow

    Agreed with this. Its real tough out there. I can't even get a receptionist job. I keep getting turned down due to not have experience in that sector. Even with Admin jobs...its quite fustrating.

    I have also noticed that salaries have dropped considerably. Particularly for Office Support jobs. I have seen Office Manager jobs where they are offering £20,000 per annum - ridiculous. But they will get someone.

    Having a job no matter what is better than having no job at all.

    Anyway i have a long term temping position with a government department. They have plenty of vacancies that come up so here's hoping...

    Keep strong everyone.
  4. I was invited to an interview yesterday - the 7th of August. I am kind of nervous but I hope that something good comes out of this one...

    The position is about 30 miles from my home - not too bad!
  5. Ridiculous. Your son's age?! That's none of his business. I wouldn't want to work for that dude anyways.
  6. Exactly.

    People keep telling me that I am technically over qualified for my job, but what am I supposed to do?! I had no work experience and NOBODY would give me a job - it was so hard!!

    Now I'm trying to get out of this temp agency and into the "real" world and I'm basically not "qualified" for the jobs that my degree qualifies me for and I'm overqualified for the jobs that I would like to do..
  7. overqualified is kind of an excuse--there's no reason to not hire someone because they are overqualified--however,

    I have heard hiring managers speak that because of the way an interview went basically where the person interviewed held higher positions, the way they spoke made it seem hard to work with them once hired and even then with the salary.. but regardless if the applicant is willing to take a pay cut and a demotion (I have seen a manager at a starting part time position)

    the hiring person must feel they can manage the applicant and to be honest, you work for a few months until something else comes along or worse you won't be happy making less and having to listen to someone who has less experience then you

    I do feel it's an employers market but hopefully that means that having the skill set and being humble will make you more attractive, in the states they still actively use recruiters to source people that they feel companies are looking for, companies who no longer advertise in the classified job section anymore
  8. Trying to stay positive while fighting to get any unemployment benefits is getting really hard , and the thought of trying to find another job makes me want to cry

  9. :hugs:Good luck, hang in there. I hope something comes along for you very very soon.
  10. Oh no, I'm really sorry :hugs: Will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers!
  11. I feel your pain...I'm sick at the thought of going to interviews and not even having them email/call you back to let you know you weren't hired, and not know why you weren't hired. I got more respect from shady ex-boyfriends...
  12. For your enjoyment....

    Quote from the FEMALE CEO interviewing me today after I said that I was just coming off a 6 month vacation...Oh my God! How did you do that? Do you have a sugardaddy???

    Wow..really?? Did you just accuse me of being a WHORE??
    One small step back for my job search....one giant leap back for womankind.

    ***Btw she offered me the job....I declined....because she wasn't offering me enough money to be able to take 6 mo. off without having a sugardaddy.
  13. I would be the bigger person, smile and say

    "I was fortunate enough that my previous employer recognized my hardwork with a salary that matched--and I'm an avid saver. (laugh) Plus, I know some really great sites too for booking and getting great deals.. saved me a ton (wink)"

    Sometimes people speak very freely, i wouldn't be offended, she probably thought that route because either a) she has done something similar herself prior or b) wishes she has one