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  1. Nah its not bigger than a bayswater. Mini del rey would be way too small for me lol i carry kitchen sink round with me haha. I dont wash my hair every day every other day or sometimes bit longer depends how long it lasts, when it was long though i only needed to wash it once a week that was before i went on the pill since i went on i have to do it more now. Extensions glues in can really damage your hair....i use morrocan oil on my hair its brill keeps it in tip top condition
  2. Yeh they are still early days as my mum keeps telling me last op was only done end of oct so im not even 3 months yet i get very impatient though i can walk round the shops long without needing to sit down or even better lie down. See the consultant next wed so shall see what he says. Thanks :smile:
  3. Jaw drops!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!! You and your bags are stunning!!!!!
  4. I really wish i could stop washing my hair everyday but its so greasy and fine, i always wonder if using an oil would help or make it worse. I have a bar of lush henna to try out sometime this weekend hopefuly that will help with the condition.
  5. You make it worst by washing it every day takes all the natural oils out...it would eventually get used to it. Morrocan oil is brill and they do a light version too which is good for fine hair. They also do treatments and shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Of to google to find some, wonder if qvc have it. I have washed and dried my hair everyday but not used ghds at all since christmas so thats a start.
  7. The Del Rey looks great on you, loving your hair too!
  8. some more of my mulberry bits
  9. [​IMG]

    Rose gold bracelet
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Fab bag and hair colour, sunblock! Both look amazing and really suit you! (I'm loving that tiger sweater behind you, too, btw!!) ;) I've just seen your little purchases - so cute! Congratulations - you deserve it! Hope you're well on the way to recovery now, btw.
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