A sale treat

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  1. Bag Twins I love this bag Congrats :biggrin::smile::biggrin:
  2. Thanks :smile:
  3. Gorgeous :smile:
  4. Oh you finally decided! Lovely Del Rey and colour :smile:
  5. Another beauty sunblock
  6. Gorgeous bag! Petrol look so extremly good on a DR in this color! Congrats!:biggrin:
  7. Yay!you went with del rey! Fabulous ;) can't wait to see your modelling pics.
  8. Oh my goodness!!! That's a fab grain and colour!! I can understand why she's your new family member! Stunning :loveeyes::woot::loveeyes:
  9. This petrol leathet on Bays and Del Rey is stunning, enjoy your new bag!
  10. Loving the petrol reveals and think it will fit in your collection nicely me thinks!
  11. Thanks everyone
  12. beautiful bag!!
  13. [​IMG]

    I have just had my color done the joys of my dad owning a hair salon my hair looks mega white blonde love it :smile:
  14. Fab mod pic, your hair looks fantastic love the colour :biggrin::smile::biggrin:
  15. Fab pic sunblock. How does it feel when carrying? Does it not annoy you that it can only be held one way? I'm asking as I have started to lust after this bag :rolleyes:
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