A sale treat

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  1. Loving your hair and your bag looks amazing!!
  2. I love the entire look and petrol looks gorgeous with your wine dress. The hair is fab too. Everything is!
  3. No dont think so because can have it in the crook my arm too, nice to have a diff bag as a change :smile:
  4. Thanks :smile: I was wishing id hate the bag but i dont damn now best get selling on ebay hahaha
  5. Great modelling pic sunblock. You look fab and really suit your del ray. I think your pic will enable some more del ray buys.
  6. Oh it looks really fab on you SB and the hair looks amazing. Love that haircolor with the petrol DR, stunning! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks :smile:
  8. Great thread Sunblock. A truly stunning collection. Your spare room will be turned into a fab bag-in-closet! :girlwhack: :amuse:
  9. Love that tassle bag & the petrol del rey.....I'm very tempted by either a tassle lily or Alexa
    Great mod pics sunblock.....I wish I could get my hair as blonde as yours & how lucky having a dad who owns a hair salon it must save you a fortune but more money saved is more money for bags lol

  10. It does its very handy indeed, having it cut tomorrow as well. Do you not have have full head bleach on then i just have my roots done when i have it then the bleach massaged through to the ends for 5 mins then it comes off and a toner goes on. Depends what you want it for i have a lot of alexas did have a lily but got rid of it too small for my liking, just use my chanel if im going out at night etc :smile: Go for an alexa or why dont you get a del rey?
  11. I have highlights & then the roots done but I have to be a bit careful, I think longer hair gets a lot of heat damage from drying & straighteners but shorter hair seems to be in better condition as its always being cut.

    How are you finding the Del Rey is it a nice bag to carry or do you prefer the Alexa I've only just fallen for the Alexa but I can definitely see why everyone loves it so much :biggrin:
  12. My hair used to be really long but its mega thick so ive always been lucky that its been okay. Just use lots of treatments :smile:.

    I like it for a change nice to have a few handheld bags like i have my LV speedy ones would never get rid of those, change is good. They had one in petrol at mulberry in Leeds today. But i do like my alexas too they will prob have more use, i need to have hands free most the time at the moment till my feet are back normal again
  13. Double posted
  14. I love the del rey the colour is stunning but im quite suprised how big it is! It looks bigger than a bayswater? Im hankering after a mini

    OT_ I have just got rid of my bleached higlights because of breakage from drying and straightening everyday. This year I aim to stop messing with my hair, no bleach or crazy colours, no random spur of the moment hair cuts, no extensions in then out then in again :rolleyes: I have bought a bun ring and plan on doing minimal styling hhhhhmmmm im hoping to make it until easter until im bored
  15. Are your feet still causing pain, it's been quite a while I bet your getting so fed up..... Hopefully you'll be better soon :hugs:
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