A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That...REVEAL!

  1. I meant to say silver HW on the black Kat earlier not gold...Yes, the heart lock and key fob looks great on the Kat with silver HW. I haven't carried my Champagne Kat since the day I took mod shots...but I got a pair of shoes at Aldo today that I think will match her nicely so I am assuming she will be out and about before long!
  2. oooh love all your new goodies :smile: :smile: :smile:

    what an amazing deal on the katarina!

    enjoy and congrats!
  3. I ordered the same bag! I'm so excited to get it!
  4. OMG i love that ring and all of your goodies! that bag is such a classic! thanks for sharing :]
  5. I did the $16 expedited shipping and got it next day. I thought that I was going out of town, I am not now but I wanted to get it before I left! Can't wait til you get yours!

    Thanks SO much! I love a GREAT deal!

    It is SO pretty IRL! I am sure you will LOVE it!

    Thanks Doll!
  6. I love everything..so pretty!
  7. WOW love the rings (and the ROCK!) I never really looked twice at Coachs jewelry before, but with your reveal, I might have to look some more at it! Are the flip flops comfy? Do they hold up really well? thanks so much for sharing! and all the great pics!
  8. Thank You!

    I had never looked at the jewelry before either. I only kept the second one. It is "Champagne" and is not as gold as the first one. It is SO pretty! I haven't wore the flip flops other than around the house and this is my first pair so I dont know how they will hold up. But they are comfy as far as I can tell!
  9. OMG, you got that black Katarina for $80?!?! What a freaking STEAL! I'm a little jealous of that lol. Love your ring, flip flops, and that awesome orchid set too. The gathered Sophia is just gorgeous! I ordered the gathered graphite one from the online sale, but my tracking info says it won't be here until Tuesday. Congrats on all your new goodies!
  10. It's funny - since I knew you meant that - I read it the first time as though you had just said silver! I love the katarina, still thankful for your mod shots that day because the stock photo was boring and it's so not boring! How are you liking the black?

    Pretty sophia too! I've never seen a gathered leather bag IRL, but I love seeing everyone's pictures!
  11. YES! The Black Kat was $80!! WOOHOO! It is in perfect shape as well!
    The brown gathered is so pretty IRL! It looks just like chocolate! I saw the graphite...if they have it next week, that baby may be mine too! I paid the $16 shipping because I thought I was leaving today and I was shocked to see it on my doorstep yesterday! The last time I ordered with that type of shipping, it came the next day as well but I placed my order at like 6am when the sale opened. This one, I ordered around 10am or so!

    Well...I haven't carried the black out anywhere yet but it is just gorgeous. I put apple on her and she glistens! It was such a great deal for such an awesome bag!

    This is my 3rd gathered Sophia...10th overall Sophia! I think that once I like a certain style, I stick with it...that's why I have 3 Kats and 4 Haileys now too I guess! lol
  12. I looked at that grey Sophia since it has silver hardware but since I know Sophia doesn't work I was able to resist - looks so pretty though! I have 3 Haileys - I just love Hailey - any time they come out with a leather hailey with silver hardware I'm going to be interested. Lucky for me, the 2 new ones have gold...are you look at either of the 2 new haileys?
  13. What a freaking steal is all I can say...again, lol. The chocolate gathered looks stunning online, so I can only imagine how amazing it is IRL. I almost got that one myself, but I figured I probably had more stuff to match graphite. I'm glad you got yours so quickly! I cannot for the life of my figure out why my bag isn't scheduled to be delivered til 6/19. I ordered my bag on 6/13 around 11:20am or so. I'm used to getting my bags in 2-3 days at most, so this one has me feeling super impatient!
  14. I agree...I am super impatient too when waiting on a bag!
  15. No, I don't like either color...I wanted a Brown colored one but since I got the Brown Gathered Sophia, and I also have the Mahogany Chevron Sophia, oh and a Brown leather Brooke....geesh, I don't really need another brown bag!
    I was hoping they would have a "terracotta" or orangy colored one but no luck.
    Oh and the Aegean, if that would have come out in the Hailey, I would have snatched it right up! and the Aubergine patent...even tho I have a Plum Hailey!