A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That...REVEAL!

  1. It sure was!! Thanks!
  2. Love the brown gathered Sophia! And what a fabulous deal on the Katarina! Congrats!!!
  3. You SNOOZE, you LOSE, Doll! :smooch:
  4. Thanks! I only kept the second ring as the first one was the wrong one but I LOVE the second one!
  5. Wheee flippy flop twins!! :lol:
  6. well that is RECORD shipping!!! and i LOVE it
  7. Thank You! I was shocked to get the Katarina...and I was equally shocked to see the Gathered Sophia online!! It will be a great Fall/Winter bag!
  8. Love all your goodies! I was eyeing up the Sophia yesterday before she sold out. Now that I'm see your reveal, I wish I would have bought one! She's beautiful!
  9. YAY!! for twins!

    Ain't it tho?? I just got the shipping email this morning. I had done express shipping because I thought I was going out of town (I am not now) and thought tomorrow would be the day but DANG SOMEBODY WAS HUSTLIN to get it from JAX to Maryland in 24 hours!!
  10. Thanks so much. The Brown is my 3rd Gathered Sophia, I have the Black and Midnight as well. And my 10th Sophia overall! I didn't think she would last long and I didn't realize she would sell out! Maybe they will have more next time!
  11. wowzers, i love that sophia, that is some fast shipping for sure

    what a bargain for katrina, hailey is sweet, congrats on all your wonderful stuffs

    happy dancing around the fed ex truck for you!!

  12. Hustle Hustle Hustle HARD to get her bag HOME - lmbao
  13. Awesome!!! And what a score on the katarina, that is AMAZING!! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. Love all the new items, that ring is so pretty!
  15. Wow great goodies! mega congrats!