A great 'welcome back to tPF' story!!!

  1. So, I don't know about all of you, but having tPF down for just a couple days really ruined my mood! I was like going through withdrawals!!!!!!

    Yesterday I was at Nordie's and saw a black patent ergo hobo in the clearance bin for 228!!! reg 458!! YIKES!!! SO I ask them to hold it for me til today because we haven't gotten paid yet. I wanted to get all of your opinions on if I should let them put the bag back out on the floor or if I should get it because it's such a great deal and so pretty...
    So I decide on my own that it would be an amazing buy for my family and I talk to DH about it, he isn't very excited because we've had a tight month due to the way Army technicians get paid (very off from regular pay periods)...so I am sad but I say ok maybe I will get a GREAT Christmas present or if PCE happens...ya know....
    So today I go by Nordie's and tell them to kindly take the bag off hold and they are all smiley and say okay and they are sorry I couldn't get it...so I poke around and talk to my lady at the Chanel counter for awhile and meander back to work...
    which brings me to now...
    I walk upstairs and there is DH!!! Saying 'dammit I have to go to work now!!!'
    But on my chair is a HUGE Coach dustbag with miss patent hobo in it, and he says hurry up and open the damn thing!!! So I zip it open and inside is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and the skullie keyfob!!!!!!!!

    :yahoo:SO OMG!!!!! I was in shock!!!! Especially after the money conversation!!!!!

    Can't wait to take a family portrait for everyone now!!! Don't worry I am working on it!!!!
  2. What a great story and a great DH! Yay for you!:woohoo:
  3. aww!! that's the best story.. it toally brightened MY day!! :p:tup:
  4. Awww that is so amazingly sweet! What a great SO! I love that patent ergo - so pretty!
  5. how nice of him!!! my bf could care less about purses, he just buys me electronics lol I would love to have a beautiful bag waiting for me at home *sigh*
  6. Wow, that is sooo sweet! What a great DH!

  7. LOL electronics? does he buy you ipods and such??? I got a Nintendo DS for christmas last year wrapped in a Coach bag, LOL but my DH and I are videogameaholics....:-/ at least mine was pink!!!!

    Did you get a PCE card???
  8. I didn't get one. But yea he buys me ipods, iphones, i had a DS which is lost somewhere in the garage. and the gamecube thats missing the power wire lol We're mario kart junkies. I think I might just buy another one, i'm starting to miss mr. mario lol. lame, yes i know!!!
  9. p.s. and it's funny the first gift he ever bought me, was a dvd player hahaha
  10. LOL!!!
    You should invest in a Wii! You can play cube games on it and it is WAY fun. We love ours :smile::smile::smile:
  11. hmmmm christmas is coming pretty soon!!! :angel:
  12. My DH used to give me electronics, too for gifts (camera, printer, back massager, etc) but he finally got what I really liked and for the past three years has been giving me Coach gift cards or Nordstrom gift cards! So there is still hope:graucho:
  13. That's so sweet! I love Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume! It's on my wish list!!
  14. It's on mine as well. I smelled it yesterday and i totally liked it. Hopefully I'll have it for my B-day at the end of the month. I told my SO that i wanted it and he said we'll see. The good thing is that he liked the scent as well.:smile:
  15. oh that is a sweetest thing... can't wait to see the pics :smile: