A great 'welcome back to tPF' story!!!

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Peace, Love, Coach
Jun 1, 2007
What a sweet guy!! Congrats on your new bag and goodies!! So, where's the pics?!?!


Jul 25, 2007
That is such a great story. I love when people go out of their way to surprise someone - that's just awesome!
Mar 30, 2006
That is so sweet!!! My DH would have ended it at the "we don't have the money" conversation and not thought about it again. Such a thoughtful guy!!!


I believe in faeries
Jul 18, 2007
oh my gosh that is soooo sweet....i wish my SO had even just a tiny romantic surprise streak in them at all....LOL can't wait to see pics I love the black patent leather


Mar 29, 2007
how nice of him!!! my bf could care less about purses, he just buys me electronics lol I would love to have a beautiful bag waiting for me at home *sigh*
We're the same way! We're both gadget geeks, so those purchases (we still discuss them before buying) don't get much debate...After all, he can use the HD DVD player--the Coach handbag? Not so much!:smile:

Congrats on a wonderful DH and your amazing purchase. The black patent ergo is a gorgeous bag!


Oct 15, 2007
wow...your husband is quite a gem. I wished my husband would think like that!! He's sweet in his own way but it would be nice to have a surprise like that once in a while. BTW, I caught the same Nordstrom sale as you the other day. It was their second mark down on certain Coach bag and I snagged the Legacy leather shoulder flap in whiskey. Originally $528 and I got it for $231. It was AWESOME. Originally I was looking at the Legacy SIGNATURE shoulder flap but if you can get leather for a cheap price, why not? Not that I need another Coach bag or anything like that! So I am glad that you got your hobo...a beautiful bag at a fabulous price!!! woohoo!!! :yahoo:


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
Ladies, you are all too sweet. My DH is adorable, yes. He has actually surprised me three times like this and I still fall for it every time! This last time should have been very obvious though because of the $$ situation...I checked our bank account to see if his GI Bill came in and I saw debits for large amounts in random places...and I was like WTF? AND I STILL DIDN'T GET IT!!! HAHA

The amazing thing is he has always been like this with things, even when we were dating, and even when he was in IRAQ of all places. He found ways to send me surprises. I love Coach, but the best gift I ever got (besides being his wife) was my first birthday with us together, he sent me a custom bottle of perfume oil that this lady blends based on character traits the person tells them, and a rose dried and preserved in 24k gold.

If that isn't romantic, I dunno WHAT is.
How did I get so lucky? I don't have a romantic bone like that in my body. I buy him surprise snacks and little gadgets and stuff...but never orchestrated anything like that before. Maybe I can with fishing stuff (he loves fishing)? But how??? Any ideas?????