A funky smell to the new batch of calf MG bags

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  1. Thank you rdgldy, I didn't know I could do that, or that it even existed!

  2. Bags, Bags, Bags is our general bag subforum, and for brands which do not have their own areas (like Mansur Gavriel). You should check it out!
  3. Oh awesome! Sadly I won't get my bag until January so I'm not sure what to say there yet... I just visited their kickstarter page though and a guy who got a briefcase (I think it's laptop bag) had really good things to say, so I'm very optimistic. Yay! New leather stuff!! With that I shall stop posting here and take my excitement over to bags bags bags for further overflow! (It could take a minute to ramp up over there, I think bc it's my impression that to date most of their focus has been on business/men's leather goods which is why they're more prevalent in styleforum than here.) Ok. Thank you Sark!
  4. Tried the tea leaf trick and that didn't do anything. I think having the bag in a sealed box for a few days made the smell even worse. I am going to try baking soda as a next step. Such a shame that these bags have a smell. I didn't hear that about the last batch. Unfortunately I think MG was pressured into making more bags (despite their steadfast position to maintain quality) and the quality has gone down as a result.
  5. Has anyone been using their calf bags from this release and can comment on how they're wearing? Particularly sand. I've still got my sand bucket and got a great deal on it but before I make the decision to cut the tags I'd like to see how others are finding them. Even though it was a good deal there would be no point in me keeping it if they're not holding up!

  6. I just got a calf Rosa regular Crossbody and have been using exclusively for a few days now. I just avoid using it when I'm wearing jeans. And luckily, no funky smell:tup:
  7. i'm not sure if anyone has already discussed this but having bought a MINI BUCKET in COATED CALF BLU from the May release, i got the mini mini bucket in the exact same material and color from the July restock, i am shocked to notice how drastically different the 2 leathers are... the latter one is a lot more matte, sticky hand feel, and of course the strong smell...
  8. I don't have a previous calf bag for comparison but mine definitely isn't sticky. It's very soft and smooth not what I'd describe as sticky at all.
  9. Jaime was yours also BLU? it's hard to describe the leather feel - it's more like if you run your finger across the bag it drags a little more than my other one that is definitely and apparently wax coated (with much more of a sheen/shine to the leather).
  10. No I have the sand. Maybe there is a variation in the texture between colours too?
    I had a Rosa which I sent back that was the same as the sand.
  11. I feel like this has been the general consensus... I'm kinda wishing I bought a rosa bucket earlier. Can you explain what the your first calf bucket felt like?
  12. it's hard to describe but perhaps this photo will somewhat show what i mean...

    LEFT = March/May launch (glossier, richer, smells of expensive calfskin) , RIGHT = July launch (matte, slight rubber/tacky hand feel, smells of bleach)


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  13. I can see what you mean by the photos. May be best that I don't have any comparison but I actually like the current one, feel of it. Compared to other leather bags I have it doesn't feel "rubbery" but soft, softer than some of them and I quite like it.
    Helps that I got it a bit cheaper due to a small mark but I am still unsure about keeping it if they don't wear well. Guess that's a mystery for now.

    I don't know if it's necessarily of lesser quality as has been suggested in other posts, possibly them experimenting with other processes in the hope to improve it perhaps. I imagine with all the complaints this time next time it will be different again.