3rd Cartier Love or Juste Un Clou?

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RG Love w diamonds or Plain JUC?

  1. 1 more RG Love bracelet with diamonds!

  2. Plain JUC

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. JUC FOR SURE!! I love mine to pieces and it is so comfortable! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1417792374.088870.jpg

  2. Do you wear your JUC and loves together daily? How do you overcome the hitting of the bracelets against one another?

    I would love to wear them together!

  3. I love wearing them together. I where them together all the time . No I don't mind them touching each other that what they are supposed to . If you get to a exact size then it want . I want up size instead of the size they say . It was to tight for comfort do I want up its more comfortable that why special if u swell like I do . Sometimes I do move it to my other wrist . It's snugger fit on my left wrist verse my right.
  4. I don't think is too much at all. It is beautiful. You definitely wear the three colors very well.
  5. This is GORGEOUS. My dream stack (over a long time of course;) ) is the WG, RG and YG love bracelet without diamonds. For myself, I like the look of the classic bracelet. However, your diamond bracelets are beyond amazing :loveeyes:

    beautiful!!!! love this stack :love:
  6. my vote is for a 3rd love bracelet!
  7. JUC!:tup:
  8. what did you decide? I have a similiar diliman. i have one yg love and am looking for either a wg love or the clu in yellow gold.. none of mine have diamonds.. what do u think..
    is the clu too trendy or is two of the same without diaomonds boring unless u have three!
  9. so i am in a similiar predicament as you were except i only have one yg love bracelet and want to get another bracelet.. do i get
    1) a JUC
    2) aWG love
    3) a tennis bracelet
    Also do you take the JUC off alot?
    i might add diamonds to my love later on but cant afford a diamond one now..
    do u think if i only have two, what is the best combo, help!
  10. Absolutely get another love bracelet not the JUC. Not a fan at all. Tennis bracelet yes or even a YG bracelet from Hermes or VCA would be a good alternative. Good luck!
  11. I vote for juc it looks amazing on. And very comfortable
  12. Congrats on being gifted the JUC for your birthday! This really is a stunning piece of jewelery, and one which is strongly enabled here! It's gorgeous, and perhaps when the newness has worn off, you won't mind pairing it with your watch. I wear my love with my watch and just put the scratches down to living. :smile:
  13. The JUC is full of scratches and dents now! I've started pairing it with thin bracelets :smile:) will probably start pairing it with a watch really soon!
  14. As much as I love my JUC. I still love my 2 loves together more! They are classic! I'll go for the 2nd love first :smile: but I might be biased!
  15. Did you say pic a teniis bracelet over a juc. I have a yg love and want a new piece for my arm.
    Here are my options
    juc in yg
    love in wg
    tennis bracelet
    i can spend about 7k
    let me knwo your thoughts
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