3rd Cartier Love or Juste Un Clou?

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RG Love w diamonds or Plain JUC?

  1. 1 more RG Love bracelet with diamonds!

  2. Plain JUC

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all!! :smile: I am looking at getting a lil something from Cartier within these couple of months to mark a significant milestone in my life. I have 2 love bracelets now, 1 YG plain and 1 YG diamonds.

    Do you ladies think I should get one more Love (RG either w diamonds) or a JUC plain (RG/ YG)...? Not sure if I can justify the price for the diamonds JUC, I can also always get the Love first and save up for the JUC for my birthday end of the year.

    Anyone has photos of 3 Loves being worn together in comparison to 2 loves and a JUC?

    Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I ve had my 3 loves for 8 yrs, RG, yg and Wg.
    Love them to pieces:smile:

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  3. What a tough choice! I would get the third Love and then the JUC later. The more the merrier when it comes to the Love IMO. Most people prefer two, but three looks gorgeous to me.
  4. I'd vote JUC. I'm not a fan of multiples.

  5. Gorgeous !

  6. I love wearing my 2 Loves, RG 4 diamonds size 16 & RG Rainbow size 17. Will get a third RG , probably with diamonds size 17 to add to this permanent stack.

    I love bracelets, so do like the JUC but it just can't compare with the Love bracelets IMO
  7. Juc 100 %
  8. I vote rose gold juc!
  9. JUC for sure, so much cooler ;)
  10. JUC definitely :smile:
  11. Juc!
  12. JUC. It looks amazing with the LOVE.
    You need it! :smile:
  13. Juc! :heart:
  14. Get something different juc
  15. Thank you for the photo! Your Loves are beautiful!!! 8 years?!:amazed: They look brand new!! I love the 3 colours together.. however I only have 2 YG (didnt think I'll get a third one at that time) not sure if adding another RG love will be too much?
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