3 holes... 3 diamond studs???

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  1. Me too! I thought it was just me.:lol:
  2. ohhh :smile: no it is not silly some time we can wear it but not always
  3. I don't always, but here's what it looks like if I do:


    I think yours look nice!

  4. Thank you! I love how your holes are spread out!!!
  5. The piercing process itself didn't really hurt, but it did take a good 7 months to fully heal.
  6. Thank you!!
  7. I've been tempted to get third piercings to wear my tiny DBTY studs in but will give it a lot more thought before I commit!

  8. I rarely wear all three holes lately, but I do love having the option!

  9. Thanks!☺️
  10. I have third new hole but seem to gravitate to wearing the first hole and the 3rd. Ears get irritated if are all filled up!
  11. I honestly think that looks really, really pretty. The diamonds are the perfect size. Go for it!