3 holes... 3 diamond studs???

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  1. I'm just way too boring and conservative to wear multiple piercings myself but I think that your three graduated diamond studs is probably the most elegant way to do it.
    You look nice!
  2. Not weird.
    Just less conservative looking than most.
    Did the top one hurt?

  3. Do you mean me?
  4. I probably would put the hoop in front of the stud, but I like it. But then again I like multi piercings!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. Love it. Interesting and unusual but still very pretty.

  8. Oh I got braces at 50...they come off in a month.

    My mother had all of her teeth Capped when she turned 80 and is talking about a nose job at 83 so I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  9. Inspired to wear studs in my second holes today, worn with diamond inside out hoops. A bit much but made me happy! Love the 3 studs in graduating sizes! I'm going to try with my soleste studs tmro.

    And my 70something mil wears diamond studs in her second piercing every day. Looks so pretty. Don't let age hold you back!

  10. Aww! Good! Multiple earrings are so fun!
  11. You're never too old as long as you keep it classy!!! My grandmother is 67 and she wears multiple earrings!

  12. When I'm going out I try to do something edgier; like a large fashion stud in the front, a pearl in the middle, then small diamonds in the last hole! Not an everyday look, but it's fun for special occasions!

  13. Thank you!!!

  14. Post pics! I just got inside out hoops and I love them!

  15. I personally love it and feel it's right on trend ;)