3 holes... 3 diamond studs???

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  1. I like it! Sometimes I want to get a second piercing just so I can get another pair of studs. Lol.
  2. I like this look, and used to do it myself before I let the extra holes close up- I think the graduating size studs looks better than two studs and a statement earring!
  3. graduated sizes look best regardless if its studs or rings
  4. Definitely not!! Although I could be bias because I've been doing this for years haha! (Not real diamond though :sad: )
  5. These are my DH's great grandmothers flawless, colorless diamonds given to me by my MIL. I switch them out for my own solid diamond studs from time to time but wear these day to day.

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  6. love it!! where do you get those?
  7. Thats my favorite look!
  8. I think it looks nice!

    especially right now, multiple earrings are on trend again. your version however for multiple piercings is very classic imo!
  9. Love this! It's inspiring me to start wearing multiple earrings again.
  10. Looks great! I wish I had multiple piercings when I was younger.

    Just not appropriate for my age to go pierce the second or third ones..
  11. I wear them like this pretty often, too. I like to have all three earrings in the same style, 3 diamonds, 3 gold balls, etc, not mixing styles.
  12. +1 Love it xx
  13. Cough. I did mine at 49.

  14. Such bravado! 👍I recently just went ahead to fix ceramic braces for my teeth & been toying with the idea of piercing second ear holes. If I do, I'll try to do before 50. 😜 have to figure this out fast!
  15. Since we're on this topic, could you ladies chime in and let me know of this looks weird or not? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397003790.777521.jpg