3 holes... 3 diamond studs???

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  1. Does it look silly to wear 3 pair of diamond studs at one time?

  2. Not silly. If you love it, then rock it.

    I only have two holes and I wear .10 each in the second ones. I change the main ones daily as I love earrings too much to commit to one pair!
  3. I like that look, especially as they graduate in size. Very pretty, and I bet they sparkle like mad.
  4. I used to wear studs in my 2nd and 3rd hole and hoops in the first hole. On a whim I decided to put my larger studs in the first hole. I personally like the look, but I was wondering if it was too much... I love earrings too!!!

  5. Thank you! Yes, they do sparkle quite a bit! I put all three in because the smaller ones weren't being used so I said what the heck! I like bling!!!
  6. it doesn't look silly but i feel like the trio take away from each other. i normally like things in odd numbers but in this case on you i think I would prefer two studs + something else.
  7. Not silly to me since my ear looks almost exactly like that. I have had many compliments from many people who think its either adorable or very pretty.

    I will say thougt that the main diamond stud I wear is a shaped like a little flower. It wasn't really planned but it does stand out and makes the other two look better.
  8. Love this look. Doesn't look silly at all.

  9. I def understand. Usually the front would make a statement like a hoop. For some reason lately I've been really into my studs... Idk why.
  10. I think it looks nice, especially the graduating sizes.

  11. Thank you!

  12. Thank you! I would love to see a pic of yours!!!

  13. Thank you, l just wanted something different from my norm!
  14. I like the graduating sizes too. If you like the look and went to break away from your norm, why not?
  15. agreed