2023 Wishlist


Feb 7, 2016
Mini Kelly in green or light neutral: vert jade, vert verone, blanc, craie, nata, mauve pale
Kelly 25 in mid-tone neutral: vert amande, gris meyer, gris T/asphalt (if SO option) OR dark green box leather OR toile if I’m allowed to dream
Kelly pouchette in bright color with rghw
Bouncing sneakers
Folk 35 boots
Soliel teapot and cup/saucer sets
Twillaine dress


Dec 18, 2021
Carrying over my 2022 wishlist:
-B30 in a dark blue or navy in Togo
-A Roulis or Constance in a turquoise or teal shade. Bleu atoll, bleu paon, Vert bosphore top the list here.

New adds for 2023:
-Mini jypsiere in gold
-Some beautiful CSGM
-En Liberte Twillies
-Chain d’Ancre chaos ring if I’m super lucky
Like you, I would like a dark neutral Togo Birkin but I'm so in hesitation between a Bleu Nuit or one of the dark grey color.
Hermès drives us crazy ahah
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I had to roll over my wishlist to 2023 but I got my top choice fulfilled today on the 1st Jan 2023!

1. Mini K II in white color family ghw ✅
2. B25 retourne in grey family or dark green family
3. SO will be a long stretch
decided to refresh my list already. lol. decided porc skin will be my ultimate heritage leather.

2023 wishlist version 2. in this order of "want" as well.
1. B25 retourne - porc skin (dream!!) otherwise chai, gris tourterelle, etain, etoupe, vert cypress
2. Mini Bolide - chevre in a shade of green will be a nice addition.K25 Chevre sellier black
3. K25 Black in Chevre
My wishful thinking list for 2023 shall be...

1) Graphite Matte Alligator PHW B25 or K25 whichever the heavens decide lol
2) Quelle Idole (not picto) touch or matte alligator (can't choose with these dolls on their colours...)
3) Porc K25 preferably aizome but will also take toffee of course
4) Kelly desordre in box or barenia (just not epsom pls)
5) Barenia matte croc kelly 25/28 always a dream and lifelong hunt but otherwise smooth barenia kelly pochette!
6) Happy to add a picnic mini kelly or picnic birkin in a nice colour such as white or fauve if chance presents!

I shall stay focused and reject all other leathers and any more offers of C19.... and will i be able to resist the mini kelly for the 5th year running??? :-s