2023 Wishlist


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Jan 10, 2022
Love reading everyone’s lists for inspiration! ❤️

Bag Wish list items from 2022:
- B25 in neutral - check!
- Constance 18 in exotic - check!
- Bolide
- Kelly to go - check!

Bag Wish list items for 2023:
- Kelly 25 in neutral
- Bolide (still elusive!)
- Constance re-edition in neutral

Non-bag wish list items for 2023:
- Short coat or jacket to wear during warmer months
- Calvi in fun color
- chypre sandals in light neutral
- Black jumping boots
- Long fine jewelry necklace that can be worn bolero style

Wishing everyone a good year - in health and Hermes ;)


Dec 12, 2015
I want to add my 2023 wishlist before the year ends. Now that I travel often with my dog, I need to take this into consideration in terms of bag wishes.

Here goes, in order of priority:
  1. Constance1 24
  2. Mini Lindy
  3. Kelly Danse
  4. Kelly 25
All or any of the above, no specific hardware, in neutral colors but preferably in gold.


May 6, 2018
-B25 in white PHW, off white GHW or noir RGHW (a girl can dream!), in a pebbled leather
-K25 in lime yellow or bleu atoll, pebbled leather, PHW
or k25 in box, tadelakt or similar, retourne, dark brown, navy or dark green GHW
-Mini lindy in light grey or lime yellow, clemence, any HW or noir PHW
-Bolide 25 in non-epsom, grey or sesame, chai, bronze dore or similar, GHW
-bag or item in Volynka leather
-diabolo SLG in noir
-noir box Bastia
-rodeo pm in all black or all lime yellow, open to touch saddle
-pair of those weird sci-fi sandals from SS23 lol
-lots of RTW
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May 20, 2016
2022 was a good year for me:
Kelly 25 black ghw
Mini Lindy etoupe ghw
Kelly pochette Nata ghw
Constance 18 Mauve Sylvestre rghw
Mini bolide Jaune Bourgeon chèvre
Mini Evelyn gold ghw
Kelly to go black ghw
Constance to go etoupe ghw
Picotin 18 Gris meyer ghw

Thinking of it…my SA is an Angel

For 2023:
SO for b25
Kelly danse (second one) in grey ghw
Kelly pochette in black ghw

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone here will get their dream bags for 2023


May 30, 2015
This year was a year of surprises for me and I was very happy with my offers! For 2023, I am putting these wishes out to the universe:

B25 in Orange (Togo), Vert Criquet (swift) or Rose Sakura (swift)

A special order for Vert Criquet or Rose Sakura B25.

Another Kelly pochette in a bright saturated color like magnolia or black

Kelly Danse in gold or neutral color

Picotin 18 in Nata with gold hw

Happy New Year to all and I hope everyone’s dreams and H wishes come true!