2023 Wishlist


Mar 2, 2022
My 2023 wishlist:
- More Bastias is pinks or fun bright colors
- Le Carnaval des Animaux 90 scarf (absolutely in love)
- Tatoo Cordages beach towel
- Mosaique au 24 gold or platinum tea cups and/or mugs
- Mosaique au 24 or passifolia small tray
- Another pair of gold Oran sandals

In terms of bags:
- Kelly pochette in black or gold GHW, but open to bright colors and pastels or a Kelly or Constance to go (in need of a small evening bag/clutch)
- Birkin 30 retourne, GHW, gold/mid-light browns, or a gorgeous pink!
- also been eyeing the Kelly Danse

Happy new year! And may the odds be ever in our favor lol :lol:


Jan 27, 2019
1. My two SOs to come in.
2. Mini kelly ll, chevre, Anemone, ghw
3. Mini kelly ll, chevre, Bleu Royal/ or Electique, ghw
4. Shoes:
Decibel thigh-high boots, Story boots shorter in noir, Fever 70 sandals in both rose and noir and the baby blue platform sneakers shown in the SS 23 objects thread.
6. Rtw:
These five pieces from SS 23:
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Apr 12, 2015
1. SO a mini Kelly in chèvre in a neutral/gray shade with permabrass, preferably GT or Nata/Mushroom
2. Birkin/mini Kelly picnic, Grizzly B25, Kelly shearling, smooth Barenia B25, anything in ombre lizard, or a cargo B25
3. K/B25 or K28 retourne in a neutral shade, preferably a warm gray with GHW
4. Mini Lindy in Gold or Etoupe GHW
5. Mini Roulis in full ombre or another color lizard, bi-color or gold with permabrass hardware

I would love a bag in ebene Barenia faubourg this year, perhaps an Evelyne. My main goal is to get bags that are extremely usable as my swift quota bags from last year are not ones that I feel comfortable "throwing around."