2023 Wishlist

Jun 2, 2010
I'm not seeing where someone has started a 2023 Wishlist thread yet so I thought I'd get it going!

I don't have too many specific items that I want for 2023, so here's hoping I'm able to check them off:

* B30 or B35 – Black first choice, but would also love any other neutral. No pastels, not particular on hardware.

* In The Loop Belt Bag - any neutral, no pastels. Is this still even in production? I've never seen one in person, and I don't see many reveals or posts about it.

* Faubourg Tropical CSGM in Blanc / Rouge / Corail – still kind of iffy on this, I’m hoping it’s more pinks than reds/peaches IRL. Looks so pretty online, though.

* H Deco teacups and saucers OR H Deco mugs

* Cosmographia Universalis CSGM in Rose / Blanc / Bleu – I missed out on this and have been kicking myself for waiting for the store to get it so I could see it in person before deciding. I’m pretty sure I would have loved it, and I should have listened to my SA when she said if I don’t love it I could return it. I’m hoping the shawl gods will take pity on me and decide to put some back in inventory.
Nov 11, 2020
Thank you for getting the 2023 thread going :smile:

My SO. Black Birkin 30 Chevre, Permabrass hardware. Hope it arrives in 2023.

Calvi verso wallet in a fun pop of colour

Picotin 18 in a light colour - saw one in Nata last week, swoon!

Orans in a neutral colour ( black, white or gold) Bought orange suede ones this year, really loved them, which was a surprise to me as I'd never fancied them before.


Jan 2, 2007
1. An older Bolide 31 in ostrich (hoping to find one with some patina to the handles)
2. Another Kelly 32 or a 35 but in a more throw-around type leather (togo, clemence, or buffle), though if one came up at the right price in ghillies or lakis form, that would also be fun.
3. C'est la Fete cashmere shawl
4. A vintage Drag bag
5. En Liberte Twilly

At some point I would like a HAC 32, but it has to be just the right one. Perusing the used shops in Tokyo next year will be a blast!


Nov 2, 2018
After taking about an 18 month hiatus from H (thanks buying a new house) I’m hoping to slide back in with any combination of:
  • something in blue Celeste (since that’s my name :cool:)
  • MM ulysse notebook in a bright color
  • Black Kelly belt w/ gold hardware
  • And depending on how bonus time goes - a new bag. Thinking about a Verrou or Kelly to Go. But I might end up with a Chanel mini flap (I know, I know…)


Oct 5, 2017
Feel like this is the first time since I started shopping at H that I am really starting to be super specific on what I want. We'll see how long that lasts. :angel:
  • Birkin Faubourg 20, Himalaya Kelly 25, Mini Kelly Picnic
  • Special Order for another mini K/25
  • Noir Box Kelly 25 Sellier PHW
  • Kelly Pochette in Ostrich or Swift with PHW, not noir
  • Jewelry that I ordered to come in (2 rings, bracelet)
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