$20,000 Decision...Please help!

  1. As previously posted, my BF and I have been looking at rings as of late. We went into Tiffany today to view the rings our SA had ordered for us. The day's winner: a 1.37 F VS1 round brilliant in tiffany's classic solitaire setting. Price tag? $20k!! :shocked:

    Of course, in store, I was beyond in love with the ring...On my small finger, the stone looked VERY large and sparkled like no other. We put a deposit down, however, upon walking out of the store, reality hit.

    Is it REALLY worth it to pay $20k for a 1.32 @ T&Co...With 15k, we could buy us a 1.5+ RB F VS1 at another jeweler. :shrugs:

    He says whatever I want, he will support and pay for :heart: I am VERY confused on what to do...any advice? :sweatdrop: Keep in mind, we are trying to save as much as possible for our wedding (BIG wedding b/c we have a lot of love ones) and a new home ($$$$$ in the Bay Area!)
  2. Buy a GIA cerified loose diamond instead and choose your own setting. You can get an 1.7ct E VS1 VG-EX for around that price is you shop around.. See http://www.mondera.com/

    I'm not a fan of Tiffany's. For Diamonds, i'd go for Quality of the stone rather than the brand or size..

    My friend just got engaged and has a 1.3ct RB F VS2 from a reputable jeweller in Sydney (not certified) and it doesn;t even come close to mine when comparing the colour/fire etc...
  3. Mmm, don't have advice about the ring, but... wanted to say CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding! :smile: :smile:
  4. i think tiffany's overcharges and you're paying for the name. i agree with kasumi, buy a loose diamond and choose your own setting. and if you really like the tiffany setting, you can get a jeweler to copy it. you'll get a bigger diamond and the same quality for a lower price.
  5. I think it depends on how much you want Tiffany. I really wanted Tiffany but instead I ended up getting a much bigger rock and designed the setting with my husband. It is still really special to me that we did it that way as it is our design BUT do I still think about Tiffany? Yes... So, my advice, if you really love Tiffany, get Tiffany. No question.
  6. i thik you are payi mostly for name... You could buy from a very reputable jeweler and still come out cheaper!
  7. I don't think that ring is actually worth 20k, you'd best try your luck elsewhere.
  9. i would go for the tiffany.
  10. There have been a lot of threads about Tiffany specifically. If you do a search you'll find them.

    For me, I got a ring that was comparable to Tiffany. If we had bought it at Tiffany it would have been about $35K. We got it for 1/3 the price and it's just as beautiful.

    In the end, if you think the money is best spent elsewhere, such as a wedding or a down payment for a house, then don't purchase the ring at Tiffany.
  11. I would go with the tiffany.
  12. Tiffany is just a name. Diamond markup is incredible to begin with. Tiffany more so. I would look elsewhere for a diamond.
  13. I think for $20K you could get a beautiful 2 carat!!!
  14. first of all congrats
    second of all DONT RUSH!!

    you didnt mention if Tifs was your first stop or not but if you are already picking out your ring you have to LOVE IT - it has to be THE ring for you. in such a case, unless money is no object, the name wont make you love it more or less and lets say money is no object i'd go for a harry winston :drool:

    personally for 20k i wouldnt go with a name b/c i have seen first hand how far 20K will take you w/o the name

    example - my good friend (boy) resently broke off an engagement he is now is selling the no name ring 2.1 g/h si1 cushion cut at egl they told him the report value is 24K and that he can expect to sell it back to a wholesaler for around $12 plus a grand for the setting ... the wholesaler in turn will sell the stone to some one for around 14-16k

    sorry for the rambling but this is a BIG - HUGE desicion

    Good Luck
  15. I agree with this. Decide which one is more important to you, and put money towards that instead.