1st Birkin: Shld it be black or colored?

  1. I am one of those people that started out with a pop of color and then worked my way over to a black with ghw Birkin after a few years and 6 other bags! I think black is always safe and classic, but Hermes has so many beautiful colors, I couldn't resist! By the way, I still have my colorful bags and still love them even though the colors are now rested.
  2. I have to agree with your SM. You can dress up or down a black birkin by your clothing. It can pop against a camel hair coat or be monochromatic against an all black outfit. I find it versatile. But that is my humble opinion.:flowers:
  3. I totally agree, I want my first B to be Vert Anis or any shade of pink/ purple.:love: I love GHW so much more than PHW. The only neutral color I would go for is Gold, Black is too boring.
  4. I love basic classic colors but for me, black birkins looks a bit harsh in the summer months with all the light clothings, when I was offered a graphite with SHW as first birkin, I took it. Black with GHW is such a classic combo, you can't go wrong!
  5. E black w ghw is from a reseller. It's almost impossible to get ready stock in singapore. Even e waiting list is closed 
  6. Appreciate yr advice. Tats wat I think too. A black is a must in every girls bag collection. Versatile is key 
  7. Pink or purple is nice. There r a few variation of e colors rite?
  8. I'm thinking of a B35. Dressing up means having a smart look or able to use it for more formal functions. And yes, I agree Tat blue Jean is a casual color tsp can't be used for formal functions. Or maybe I'm too restrictive in my perspective.
  9. Did u order yr bag from e boutique? It's impossible to even get on e wait list in Singapore. So sad
  10. Thks much for yr valuable advice. My wardrobe is mostly color. I seldom wear black or dark colors as I'm skinny hence dark colored clothes make me look even smaller haha. Given Tat, I also match w a neural colored bag like black, beige, white etc.
  11. Thks ladies for all yr valuable advice n comments. Totally agree Tat H makes bags in many many delicious colors. It's really a hard choice. Most prob, I'll b getting e bag from a reseller hence my choice could be limited.

    I hav a quick qns, wil there b color transfer issue w a colored B jus like other branded bags?
  12. I wanted black with ghw.... my holy grail, but my first B was raisin with phw and I love it. 2nd was gold with ghw.... had always wanted g with g. Next was etoupe with phw, but the black is still my love and is coming. Have just put in an order for Vert Anis with violet lining (can't remember what my SA called the colour, but it is violet). So if you are going to have at least two birkins it doesn't really matter, as sometimes (most times) our first choice is not always available.
  13. I'm in a similar situation. My wardrobe is mostly color which is why my bags are neutral. I love H pop colors, but they just wouldn't go well with my wardrobe. Black is classic, but for a year round neutral I would prefer a Birkin in Etoupe
  14. If I can only buy one Birkin (which is probably the case lol), I'd go for a classic color... No black for me, though, I just don't like black in general. Maybe orange, red, gold or étoupe s what i'd go for. Definitely not a color like pink or yellow or green, as gorgeous as they may be.
  15. I'd say black, marine blue, etoupe, gold, white, ...
    Those colours match lots of other colours :smile: