1st Birkin: Shld it be black or colored?

  1. I normally don´t like black bags very much but my first birkin was a black box birkin with GHW and I did not regret my decision for a moment.
    I fell inlove with this leather the first time I searched on this forum. it is one of the most beautiful leathrs I ever came buy (exept barenia maybe...).
    if you are going to buy from a reseller, please think about black box. this is a bag you can hand on to your daughter. it looks stunning now and will in 40 years!
    I hope this helps a little bit!!
  2. My first was Gold w/PHW. A month later I was offered a Black w/GHW. I am a neutral, classic gal and these two are perfect for my wardrobe. I have never regretted going for Black (or Gold) over a pop of color, no matter how boring some may think it is. It is timeless and classic and a gorgeous no brainier bag that goes with just about everything. Best money spent. :smile:
  3. My First Birkin was Birkin 30 Ghillies Argile Etoupe Swift PHW. my next birkin hopefully gonna be Birkin 30 Black Swift/Togo GHW :smile:
  4. Etoupe birkin with palladium hardware or rose Jaipur birkin with gold hardware!