zippy clarification --I thought I had found the one but...

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  1. I am not sure if it is the big or small one...does anyone know what the dimensions of the two sizes are and how much both retail? thanks so much:flowers:
  2. I don't know :confused1:

    Perhaps Sonja or D&G will chime in with their bags. I think they both have the smaller version and like that size.
  3. ^^ Darn...still on the hunt... the one I was eyeing is the large one as I see it measures 17" across...
  4. macp6 what color/size are you looking for?
  5. I want the smaller one in noir...
  6. Ok, will let you know if I see one --- Last week I saw the most beautiful large zippy in Anthracite.
  7. the small zippy is a smidget longer than the reg size paddy. it retails for about 1795. the noir zippy is beautiful
  8. ^^^Oh I want it!! There is a phenomenal bag on ebag but it turned out to be the large one....there is also the small zippy one ebay but many folks on the board seem to be concerned about that seller....
    Keep your eyes out for me, gals!
  9. I just got zippy in muscade today - it must be the large size as it's about 17" long. It feels and looks smaller compared to large satchel but it's actually shorter and higher, it's good size for me :rolleyes: But I love the smaller ones too, I hope you'll find one soon Macp6! :flowers:
  10. ^^Sonja, the one I was looking at is the large size , 17". Are pix posted of you anywhere? Oh, please post!! Maybe that one is not a lost cause!

  11. Are you talking about the Zippy Bouler? If so, I'll take pics of the one I just bought on ebay and post them in about an hour.

    There is a thread with a picture of it. I'll look for it.
  12. Yes but i think there are two that is about 14" and 17"...I am trying to get a sense of what the larger one looks like on. I have heard it described on other threads as huge which made me wonder...but sonja doesn't seem to think it is overwhelming:shrugs:
  13. There is a thread with a PFer wearing it on her shoulder. I'm trying to look for it now.
  14. I can post some piccies of mine tomorrow:P

    Edit// I just checked it and it's actually is wider than my hips if I hold it in front of me - and then it looks bigger. But if I carry it on my shoulder (where it fits very comfortably) it doesn't look that big anymore if that makes sense, it's quite thin but long and high bag :biggrin:
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