zippy clarification --I thought I had found the one but...

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  1. Thanks so much L-Rod! I know SoCal is a tall drink of water and both bags looked amazing on her. She would look good with a sack! Any advice for me at 5'3"--it sounds like I have my sights set on the same bag as you just purchased!!
  2. sonja I can't wait to see pictures of your muscade zippy!! :drool: :drool: :drool:!!!
  3. S, I am so flattered! I am 5'9" in shoes... I think you would like the smaller (medium) size zippy. I like the large, but it is quite a "swinger" have to be a bit careful about running into people/things... It is a fun bag...I will run by Nordstrom and Chloe this weekend at SCP and see if they have the medium in stock if you are still looking... :yes:
  4. ^^Hi Socal,
    i am not used to seeing you on the Chloe forum! thanks for the info...I definitely think I am going to keep my eye out for the smaller zippy! The quest continues!
  5. Here's me with my large muscade zippy, I'm about 5´7" - I think it doesn't look that huge when it's carried on shoulder :P Sorry for my devilish red eyes and funny poses:lol: Large (tan) paddy satchel looks bigger on my shoulder compared with zippy even the bags are nearly same length..?

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  6. Omg!!! I have to say this! sonja you are beautiful and I love your style!!! :love::heart::love::heart: That zippy looks amazing on you! That color on the zippy style... :drool:
  7. Audrey you're always too kind - thanks, I'm blushing now :shame: You're beautiful too if that's you in the avatar!

    I had troubles with lightning as it was getting dark so the first picture shows more of a true colour, it looks like whiskey in most of the piccies I have but it's more brown IRL :rolleyes:
  8. Aww, yes it's me and thank you! :heart: Now I'm blushing too! :shame:

    I can see what you mean about it looking a bit whiskey-ish. Nutmeg has grown on me so much though! And now after seeing your pics, I want a zippy too!!! Ahh!!! I have to stop myself!!! Damn purse ban.... :sad:
  9. Hehee that's so familiar feeling, I really wanted the baby sable from ebay after seeing your sable but I just had to stop myself as on the day that auction ended I had just bought this zippy.... :balloon:
    I really shouldn't buy any bags for awhile but if anyne sees some sable available in any size please let me know:lol:
  10. hi macp6!! i am dying to find a medium zippy as well...preferably in taupe or noir...i think abby just bought one a few days ago and it is gorgeous!!!
  11. ^^^I just saw Abbyy's and am green with jealousy!! :smile:
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