Zip rings on paddies

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  1. I have seen quite alot of paddies on ebay lately with the silver zip rings that aren't narrower at the place they attached to the zip, but are the same thickness all the way around. I wonder if this is a chloe variation or whether all these bags are fake? Does anyone have a authentic bag with this different zip pull ?
    I have borrowed two pictures to show what I mean , they are taken from a previous post.

    many thanks:smile:

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    Not on mine. My '06 Paddy has the silver ring that is narrower like in the second picture you posted.
  3. I have three paddys and they all have the narrower ring as well, but I saw a bag this week that was authenticated as being o.k by members of the forum, but it had this weird ring thing going on. It is true that it was a different style of paddington, but I thought it was odd and I was curious if anyone else had seen this before with authentic bags?
  4. All of mine have the narrower part of the ring, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were using a different zipper. From what I've been told, the ring is part of the zipper and when it's made it's all one "unit." I think some of the bag styles are being made in other countries, (like the paddy that had the fabric, which was made in Romania) so it would be reasonable to assume that elements of the handbags are coming from different, (cheaper) manufacturers. I happen to like the older bags the best:smile::tup:
  5. From reading the reference thread, the post with those pictures in it mentioned it may just be an inconsistency with the paddington?

    From the post:

    "Just wanted to note another inconsistency with the paddy so that no one get alarmed by a prior comment:
    "The rings on the zippers are thicker in authentic paddys, and they get a bit narrower on the part that they attach to zip. The rings in fakes are thin all around (without any narrower part) - sorry the pic is a bit blurry but as you you can see there's definitely a narrower part on a thick ring in auth paddy"

    The rings may actually be thin on some authentic paddys--here are two pictures of variations with the ring"""


    I didn't see anyone else in the thread disagreeing with this finding, so I guess it's okay. maybe if you had a particular bag in mind, you could post pictures on the Authenticate This thread, that might help put your mind at ease over the bag you're considering?
  6. I have looked and I don't see it?
  7. Some paddies have that slight 'gap' of thinner metal on the zipper hoop - you can see it in one of the photos, in the whiskey one it's just a thin keyring all round.

    So, on the whiskey one, you could move the ring round 100% full circle, on some paddies, the ring stays in one place because of the groove.

    Am I confusing or helping? :confused1: I think confusing! haha! sorry. I tried!
  8. ^^ Thanks after looking at my paddy I get it!!
  9. There's actually no bag I'm considering, I just was wondering if these bags were o.k with the odd rings, just for my own interest I guess:smile:.I saw two bags on ebay, which looked o.k,they were those paddingtons with one zip that goes over the top and a padlock stuck to the side of the bag instead of the front.I was thinking they could be super fakes but I guess the only way to know for sure is if someone has a bag that they know if genuine and it has those different rings.
  10. all my paddys have the narrowing!
  11. ^^Post on authenticate this Chloe!!
  12. That's actually why I started thinking about it, because it was authenticated as being o.k(listing is over now), but mine don't look like that, that's why i was a bit confused.
  13. hmm, now if everyone else's has the narrowing. Am I gonna have to drag mine out? :P

    I think I am! hehe! :P Playtime! My babies have been curled up in dustbags for the past few days because of the torrential rain here, wouldn't want to risk the smooshyness!

    SOOO...for my mini, my clutch and my 3 medium paddies, all have the little narrowing thing on the zip ring.

    I only have 06 and 07 though, anyone with an 05 or 08 got a different zip ring? :confused1:
  14. I have the opposite problem, I always worried my paddies are going to be cooked in the sun and get all dry and crunchy ( I'm working in CA at the moment).
    To be fair I only ever saw it on these paddies, where the zip goes over the top one way(they were 05),and I only saw it this week,but I saw it talked about in the past and thought it was sure sign that bags were fake, but maybe not?
  15. I really don't know, it is hard to tell. There's a post in the reference thread saying it's a sign of a fake, and one saying that real ones can look like that too.
    Maybe it depends on the model or place it was made? Maybe Chloe got one batch from a different supplier to meet demand when they got really popular? :confused1:

    No idea, I think best thing we can do is wait for one to come up on ebay, then take it to the Authenticate this thread. :yes:

    Unless anyone else knows? I'm all curious now! :P

    edited to add: sunshine...I miss it, send some over here! haha. It's only been about a week of rain and I'm soo over it.