Zip rings on paddies

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  1. yes I posted on ATC, as I found another of these odd zip ring bags yesterday and lescoy just thinks that it is early variation in 05 bags( see above), so I guess some 05 bags might have these.
  2. Well, I agree with you, as I too would have questioned this ring.
  3. I have seen it on 5 bags now, but all have had serial tags with 02 05 53 written on them so maybe it's this batch, it's true that nothing else looks odd about the bag and lescoy is very knowledgable so I guess these zip rings are o.k when seen on 05 bags
  4. Paddys are just tough to authenticate. I don't know that I will EVER get it figured out! There are so many styles and they seem to vary per year/per style. I've been sturdying the paddys and the Dior gauchos. The gauchos are alot easier, they are pretty consistent!
    Sometimes, I think Lescoy would be better of posting an AUTH list ONCE a day instead of by indv request. I don't know how she finds the time, bless her soul.
  5. This bag isn't the standard medium paddington, so it's possible they used different zip pulls for this model?

    Or it could be like you said aimtree, just a particular batch, that would explain why there are some regular paddingtons in the reference library with these rings?
  6. Lescoy is extremely kind for helping everyone out. She's saved me from buying a fake a few times, and helped me authenticate ones too! :tup:
  7. I fell in love with Chloe because of Lescoy! I used to sneak over from MJ and read her posts. She not only knew her Chloe but she has such a wit and humor! I love her!!
  8. I think most of us here owe her tons as well, as she's saved us from buying so many fakes!

    I'm taking a trip to the UK, I should stop by Lescoy's house and take her out for tea or something :P But then who would be on the ATC? :roflmfao:
  9. We should start a pay homage to Lescoy thread!! What would we do without her?? She is such a dear!
  10. She is! She keeps us all in line too, she's Queen of Chloe I think!
    She deserves extra time away from the ATC I think, like a mini holiday :yes:
  11. OK, let's do it! Hail to the Queen of Chloe...LESCOY! Who wants to start it?