Zero feedback buyer - what would you do?

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  1. I'm glad you're going through with the sale - the advice to cancel is, at this time, a very BAD bit of advice.

    Under the new seller rules on Ebay, the feedback doesn't matter as it once did. However canceling an auction is the worst offense that a seller can do. That DOES count against a seller, more than before and if you don't sell a lot, even one cancelation is enough to get you a suspension and warning that your account is at risk for closure.

    You only should cancel an auction (after it closes) because of all out fraud, attempts to circumvent Pay Pal/Ebay rules ... or something that is not allowed by the rules. In which case you contact Ebay FIRST and ask them for guidance and assistance in canceling the auction and help in protecting your account.

    Ebay will not allow cancelations to be forgiven because the buyer did not contact you first. That's not something Ebay will support.

    Just so you know for the future. :smile:
  2. thank you for posting this - I knew there were new seller updates regarding feedback, out of stock, cancellations, etc and how much they could potentially hurt a seller's account - there is always a wealth of great information on the ebay forum - it is appreciated!
  3. Thanks so much for the additional info!

  4. Wanted to update everyone on this! Buyer got the item and said she was happy with it! She said she would leave positive feedback but hasn't so that leaves me a little worried but I'm hoping she just forgot. Thanks again to all of you for helping me through this!
  5. She probably forgot to leave a feedback, or just being lazy.
  6. I hope so!

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