Zero feedback buyer - what would you do?

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  1. :goodpost:
  2. I sell to newbie buyers all the time. I'm more likely to have problems with buyers who have ebay experience and know how to use the system. Newbie buyers often join ebay once they find something they want to buy, not before.

    I bet your buyer doesn't understand why you are making it so difficult for her to purchase your item. This wouldn't happen to her at Macy's. Why should she have to establish a relationship with you in order to make a purchase?
  3. Exactly!

    It's probably not a very positive first experience for your buyer!

    And in fact, those who are intimidated by newbies probably should be trying to woo them instead. Longtime buyers already shop ebay (or whatever site) and are likely already hooked. It's the new users who you want to keep around rather than give them an experience that makes them say, "if this is how sellers treat their new customers, I'm going elsewhere."
  4. I completely agree!
  5. I completely understand your concern. I felt the same way when I was selling my shoes since they were over 600.00. I also had posted in my listing that I required contact before bidding for those that had less than 10 positive feedback. I messaged my buyer telling her I noticed she was brand new to ebay and she said she had been looking for these particular shoes everywhere and couldn't find them. I knew that my particular shoes were hard to find in my size 37.5 so I believed her. She was also really nice. Some people don't usually buy on ebay and will only do it to buy a hard to find item. I'm not sure what shoes you are selling but if they are hard to find and/or limited edition it could be someone that has been looking for this particular pair for awhile. If your item is not hard to find somewhere else and you still feel uneasy, you should cancel the transaction. Good luck.
  6. When I sold on ebay I loved new buyers - they were looking for my long retired items and were delighted to find them. I know today ebay is different but I always had good experiences with these new ones. Regarding your request for 0 feedback buyers to email you - ebay mobile does not display the same as the computer - I wonder if that could be an issue and she didn't see it right away?
  7. You have to remember, we were ALL new once.. with 0 feedback!!!
  8. Just to add to what others have said, as an ebay newbie, she probably had no idea what you were asking. She might have even asked about the shipping time to try and get into the conversation. We forget how little we knew about how to be when we first started compared to what we know now. :smile:
  9. Thanks to everyone for your opinions on my situation. I know we all had to start with zero feedback and that's why I didn't cancel right away. I was afraid I was running into a newbie who didn't read terms and did think I am a Macys (unlike Macy's, I don't take returns). I also was afraid I was dealing with a bad egg who creates new accounts bc their old accounts were closed. In any case, I messaged the buyer reiterating all my terms of sale and she said she understood so I am inclined to move forward. Hopefully this all ends up well. Thanks again, everyone! You guys have been so helpful!
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    We all started as newbies, I'm thankful people gave me a chance when I was selling exensive bags from my collection as a new ebayer. Perhaps in her anxiety to get the shoes she missed reading your terms or thought you might refuse her? If she's paid I'd post out and keep my fingers crossed.
  11. I agree. Had there been any red flags in the OP that indicated anything questionable, my initial response would have been different but the only thing the new ebay buyer did "wrong" was not contact the seller, something I suggested she might not even know how to do as a newbie.

    There have been many threads posted in this forum where buyers do make unusual demands and do raise red flags but this isn't one of those cases.

    There's a reason why ebay doesn't allow sellers to set preferences to disallow newbies. There's always a new crop of potential customers for sellers and it's biting off your nose to spite your face when you "welcome" those new members with an inquisition that could scare them away.

    I'm glad the OP gave this buyer the chance to prove herself!
  12. The last item that I sold on eBay was to a new member. I gave them the benefit of the doubt shipped off the bag and once they received it they gave me great feedback I gave them positive feedback and then they closed their account. Sometimes people, as others have said, just open an account to buy what they want and then close it again.;)

    Good luck :biggrin:
  13. Thanks again All. I really hope this ends up well!
  14. Let us know how it goes. If I didn't sell to new buyers, I would lose about a third of my sales.
  15. Will do!