Yup...I'm Addicted...What Next? Help An Addict Out...

  1. Ok...I'm officially addicted...here's my dilemma...what do I get next?
    Keep in mind that in my overall bag collection I have my black MC speedy, a big huge monogram LV bag, an anthracite paddy, a soon-to-be-purchased light brown paddy, and my '05 sky blue twiggy.

    I'd like get more twiggys....but I would also like to try out a city & a first.

    The big dilemma is whether to get something from '07 (and the debate would be between violet, plomb, & tomato) or keep trying for older bags...IDK!

    I know I need a red to replace a couple red bags I sold...but that darn violet keeps calling my name!

    I also know I don't want to rush and buy a gazillion bags all at once (which after I buy my paddy today I will have bought 3 in a week...so I need to slow down)!

    What would y'all recommend?
  2. I don't think that you can go wrong with a city, but I say wait a bit. Maybe carry all of your bags another time and carry your new Twiggy as well. See how it fits in your collection and then maybe decide what you need? JMHO.
  3. taking into account your collection, i think a violet twiggy or city would be perfect...
    it would balance out your sky blue twiggy and be a great interesting neutral...
    and from the pics i've seen, the leather on the violets is super yummy!!
  4. if you don't mind waiting, i'd stick with 2005 bags. the colors and leather are tdf, whereas i haven't been impressed by either of the new bags.

    if violet is calling, she's calling though...
  5. Woman, how many threads are you going to open??????? :p

    If you want an 07 bag, then I really suggest that you get at least one 07 bag now and I recommend the violet or jaune because they seem to be the hot bag this season...red seems to pop up now and then on eBay too as people are unloading their rouge vif to make way for new purchases.

    It would be a big PITA if you don't get any 07 bags until later and you can't find them anymore when they're easier to get right now!

    Now go buy!!! LOL!!!
  6. HEEHEE....I know...I'm crazy! I get all hooked on one thing...plus the money is burning a hole in my bank account LOL!
    I've got a voice mail in to Daphne at BalNY about the violet...and am compulsively checking eBay!
  7. i say go for the violet if you can, the leathers on the violet's have been TDF. better than 05 IMO.
  8. I also vote for a violet City. Save the First for later when you want a couple of fun, limited use, going out bags. I was shocked at how small it was when I saw it in person, and I'm not a fan of the super-huge bags that so many people love. You'll get much more use out of a City, and as you say, that violet color is luscious!
  9. Violet would be a great addition, but I would also keep an eye out for rouge theatre on eBay etc.(pops up now and then), which was a lovely red from '05 I believe, my friend has one in a city and it is gorgeous.
  10. ITA. And I think they're selling out fast.
  11. yea...the violet....drool....I'm waiting for Daphne to call me back and see if there is a possibility of it in a twiggy or city. Otherwise I may need to start calling around to NM, etc.!
  12. I have seen the tomato city IRL and it was beautiful but I am holding out for the voilet. IMHO I think whatever you get now you will still want a voilet when they become available. :tender:I know I would!!
  13. Yea...I keep going back to violet....reds come out every year...but not the purple family!
  14. Twiggers, go for the violet! It is calling your name!! :graucho: I think a city would be beautiful in this color! :heart:
  15. Violet twiggy! :yes: