YSL oversize muse--white or chocolate?

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  1. When it comes to choose between handbags, I am so weak.:sick: Now here pops the question: white or chocolate oversize muse...which one to keep? I felt it is too much to have two oversize muses...One has to be let go....please help me....:cry:
  2. Chocolate all the way!! I bought it a couple of months ago and haven't changed bag since (except when it rains). The white is lovely too, but if you're looking for a classic timeless bag IMO the chocolate is better. Also the white is much more delicate..;) :biggrin:
  3. I also vote for the chocolate! I think it's a color that will carry you through all seasons.
  4. Chocolate.
  5. Can't go wrong in my opinion but which blends better with your wardrobe? My vote would be a little toward Chocolate but I love them both!
  6. I agree that you can't go wrong. I am more a person for the dark colours (I'm getting a large in black)...but a lot of the TFS girls look really stunning with their oversized white.

    You're going to have to decide,I'm afraid...tough choice with two gorgeous bags!!
  7. The chocolate is absolutely stunning.
  8. i guess i'm the vote of dissent! i like the white!
  9. Chocolate! Love the white too but just don't want to get it dirty.
  10. Chocolate. I had an oversized white and didn't like the color.
  11. I would go for the chocolate, only because white can get dirty real easily.
  12. i go with the chocolate too. the bag looks weird in white imho.
  13. I love both colors but if you are only keeping one then I guess I would lean towards the year round color and go chocolate (gorgeous). I have the medium in white and large in black and would have a hard time deciding which to part with..... Good luck with your decision.
  14. Could you carry the white year round?
  15. Im going with white. Its so fresh and pretty.