YSL or Choo? I can't decide.

  1. Pics borrowed from another poster of the Choo.

    It's the riki vs. muse in chocolate.:confused1:


  2. loool! this is exactly what i'm going thro! I cant decide between the Jimmy choo Ramona in red or the YSL Rive Gauche!!! DEcisions decisions decisions!
  3. Wow tough call. What size chocolate muse do you want? I love it for a work bag and I think its a classic but I love the Riki/Ramona bags. I would say the Muse though if you like structured bags. Riki is more of a throw over your shoulder , very comfy. I vote Muse.
  4. I know I am very biased (Hello! You're posting in the YSL forum!:nuts: ) but I would choose the Muse just because I think the Muse is more of a classic... and okay, fine, I own one in ivory.

    Hard choice though.
  5. How hard...just get both! Actually I believe I would go with the Muse, as much as I like the Riki, Jimmy Choo is not a classic as is YSL. You really could not go wrong with either bag, but I would go with a Muse! Good luck with your decision, it will be lovely which ever you choose!
  6. I agree, I think at the end of the day, I'd think that the Muse has more "staying power", but both are cute! I guess it depends what you're looking for. However, IMO, I'd vote Muse in chocolate :p
  7. Oh wow, I just found the black. It's fab looking but you guys are right the YSL is more classic and I need a work bag. *sigh*

  8. Uhhhh, both? :shrugs: I've owned the YSL Chocolate Oversize Muse and the JC Bordeaux Patent Ramona since last summer. :heart: :heart: :heart: them!


    The JC Riki is much smaller than the YSL Muse. What do you plan on using the bag for primarily? Do you need to tote lots of stuff to work, or do you want to wear the bag more casually on weekends, for shopping, etc.? Is your style more classic/dressy/traditional or casual/hip?
  9. Muse!!
  10. OMG...soooooooooo hard!! LOVE both...but actually leaning towards the Choo...hmmmmmm...

    I really don't think you can go wrong here!! LOL...good luck!!!!
  11. Oh my gawd, that's gorgeous!
    How small is small (riki)? I wanted to wear it to work. I don't have to carry folders or anything, but I do carry my planner, blackberry, makeup pouch, digital camera and a few odds n' ends.

    My style is somewhere between feminine classic and edgy.
  12. Go for a Muse! Lovely Bag, I'm getting to buy large chocolate brown muse so soon!
  13. :love: :love: :drool: :drool:
  14. Well, I guess I would say that the Riki is more "purse" size, while the Ramona is more "tote" size. (If you do a search, you can find pics of members carrying both bags, to give you a better idea about the size.)

    The Muse is a great classic choice as a work bag. I wear mine all the time for work.

    But, if you are really drawn to the JC Riki or Ramona, I would urge you away from the new S/S 07 bags with the "distressed" leather and snakeskin trim, because I think they look more casual. One of the original Riki/Ramona's with the "polished" leather would be more appropriate for work, I think.


    Do you live somewhere that you can go and try on these bags, to see what you like best IRL?
    NM black Ramona.jpg
  15. I saw the Riki biker tote in brown at the JC orlando and it is beautiful! The color and texture of the bag is really rich. Also, it is a new color for the bag.I would definitely vote for the Choo.Sorry to all muse lovers.