You've got to be kidding me..........

  1. My guy gave me the thumbs up to get the Pomme Agenda from Elux if I could ever find it. I did finally find it and have been waiting patiently for it to come. It came today and I nearly jumped the Fed-Ex man.

    When I opened the dustbag I realized Eluxury sent me TWO this I mean the agenda and the gold clips seperated and the gold clips fell out right into my lap when I opened the dustbag. PLUS there was a huge smudge on the vernis that doesn't go away

    Of course they have no other ones to send me so it's getting shipped back and I now again have no pomme agenda.

  2. ohh god that sucks im sorry, I hope you manage to find another one
  3. Angela, I so sorry you got a defective item. You should complain really. Why would Elux send you a broken agenda in the first place?
  4. Ugh, I'm sure it sucks but I'm sure a new one in great condition will come up.
  5. That is weird that eluxury sent you defective merchandise. Definitely put in a complaint and demand a fair resolution! Good luck.
  6. Like I said WTF?! HOW FRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. oh lord, why would they do that? its like they know how anxious we are waiting for our stuff and want to ruin it for us!!!:cursing:
  8. i got a defective item before form Neiman Marcus =( it was a suede miu miu shoulder bag and i kept it anyways cause i really really wanted the bag ><

    sorry to hear about yours
  9. That sucks big time - I know how much you wanted it!
  10. The perfect, pristine agenda will show up for you!
    At least you got to see the luscious color!
  11. I'm sorry that it didn't turn out well - I would call eLuxury.
  12. omg, i can't believe that it's happening to you! i know how long you've been waiting for one and then to get a dud?! is it me or does it seem like elux have been sending a lot of defective stuff to various members of tPF recently? sorry you have to go thru this. hope you can get a replacement asap!
  13. OMG, I am sooo sorry to hear this! but if Elux is out of stock, you can bring it to LV boutique and ask for replacement there :yes:
  14. :wtf: SO sorry! I would be so :cursing: too!!! Hopefully they'll get another in!
  15. Yeah I've heard elux isn't getting any more. Can they credit your cc so you can have 866 locate one for you? I know they're still available.:yes: How irritating tho! Someone probably returned the agenda they sent you because it was defective!:mad: